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Jul. 27, 2017
At age 17, O'Sullivan took his first UK Championship
At age 17, O'Sullivan took his first UK Championship

Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan to go by his full name has to be one of snooker’s most talented ever players, whenever he picks up a cue he draws a crowd, be it for his incredible ability to pull off the seemingly impossible or his unpredictable nature.


That unpredictable nature also makes the Rocket incredibly frustrating to follow as a fan.


But enough with that as we take a look at eight of O’Sullivan’s moments that have made us go ‘WOW’.


1993 UK Championships


In 1993, 17-year-old Ronnie O’Sullivan quickly made the snooker world stand-up to attention as the Midlands man claimed his first ranking title at that years UK Championships. O’Sullivan also quickly earned his nickname as the Rocket for his rapid game pace after defeating Jason Curtis 5–0 in a time of 43 minutes 36 seconds at a Grand Prix Qualifying stage.


38-match winning streak


Despite being a rookie, O’Sullivan took to professional snooker like a duck to water, At the beginning of the 1992/93 season, the Rocket won 74 of his 76 professional matches (a record that still stands to this day).


To cap a fine debut year, Ronnie was also named the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association's Young Player of the Year for 1993. Wow, what a start to his career.


Fastest Ever Maximum Break


Witnessing a maximum 147 break in snooker is almost akin to witnessing a nine-dart finish in darts. However, in 1997, Ronnie wowed us all with the fastest ever maximum break.


To make it even more special, O’Sullivan did it at the grandest stage of all, the Crucible.


The break was completed in a first-round match against Mark Price and the Rocket sped through the 147 score in just five minutes and 20 seconds (that is an average of just 8.8 seconds per shot). Unsurprisingly that record still stands today.


Crucible 2008 147 Record


In 2008, O’Sullivan was in the form of his life and claimed his third World title at the Crucible. During the event, O’Sullivan broke Stephen Hendry’s record with his ninth 147 maximum against Mark Williams.


Refusing to Secure 147 (but still did it)


During the 2016 Welsh Open, the Rocket turned to the referee and asked what the prize money would be if he landed a maxi.


After being informed it was £10,000 the Rocket turned away in disgust and continued his red/black combination until he reached 105 when he opted to pot the pink instead and complete a 146 in protest.


Fourth World Title and Hall of Fame Induction


2012 was a special year for Ronnie, not only did he secure the highest ever break in a crucible final with a 141, he also went on to beat Ali Carter that match and claim his fourth World Title.


To cap it all off he was also inducted into Snookers hall of fame.


After a Hong Kong masters win last week, Ronnie is looking in tip top shape for this year's Betway UK Snooker Championship where he is on the 26th July, with odds of 11/2 to win the tournament for a 6th time.


Winning the 2014 UK Championships with a Broken Ankle!


Yes, you read that right, in 2014 the Rocket claimed his fifth UK Championship title. Nothing particular special about that until you realise the Rocket was carrying a broken ankle. Previously in the same tournament, O’Sullivan even played in just his socks as his shoes were causing his ankle pain. He ended up going on to beat Judd Trump in the final.


776 Not Out


At the Masters in 2014, Ronnie O’Sullivan set a new record after making his 776th century break in a match against Marco Fu. The Englishman overtook Stephen Hendry for century breaks in the record books and received a rapturous applause from the crowd in the process. However, that season, O’Sullivan was involved in a few incidents including breaking his cue in half during a match against Stevens and also using the chalk to line up a shot (which remarkably he was not penalised for).


Wherever Ronnie goes it seems controversy and an aura follow. However, despite the Snooker playboy now being in his 40's, one would have to think twice before claiming the snooker showman's best years are behind him.