Mac Jankov

1983-04-26 Birthdate
MKD Country
Wallington, NJ Residence
Predator, Kamui, JB Cases Equipment(s)


Mac Jankov was born in 1983 in Macedonia grew up there and started playing 8 ball last pocket when he was in 8th grade. Nothing serious just with friends before and after school. He moved to USA in the year of 2000 and lived in Virginia for 5 years. His first year he lived with the Robbins Family in Big Stone Gap VA and they happened to have a pool table at home. After Mac went to college and moven on Campus at University of Virginia, he played pool at the student center often. After graduating from UVA he moved to New Jersey and few years later he joined the APA league in 2013. That was the time when he started playing pool on weekly basis. But still wasnt serious about pool. Slowly with regular play and some god results, Mac started making a name for himself. Mac also played in the UPA league, won the regional league went to Vegas for the 9 ball National Championship and brought home the Championship in 2017 with the team consistent of Dejan Kocev, Shivam Gupta, Jaydev Zaveri, Eli Trajceski, Alex Whabeh and few others. That same year the APA team Mac was playing on made it to Vegas but the team got knocked out in the 6th round. After the Vegas trip and with the support of his newly wed wife Patricija, he received the support and he finally focused on pool more serious. In 2017 Mac joined the Tri-State tour and was player of the year back to back. Also next year he joined the Predator tour. In his first year on the tours Mac had some success and also managed to win an event in 9 ball at Clifton right after he had his first coaching session with Todd Fleitman. Mac kept improving and from year to year he did better. He has two 1st place Tri State titles and two 2nd place finishes, also his highest Predator finish was 3rd. Mac also played in the 9 ball APA singles Shootout anad managed to place 17th (lost to the champion) out of 192 players who managed to get to Vegas from Japan Canada and USA. 2019 was Mac's most successful year to date in terms of cashing at the tournaments and improving his game. Mac is looking to improve his game and make that leep to the next level but the Covid situation stopped him in his tracks. He is looking to improve and continue his quest to become an open player in the next few years.

Written by Pateicija Rafaela Jankov, my wife