10 K Tour Results at Bobby D’s

Al Maracle

The field was 62 players strong at Bobby D?s in Burlington, Ontario.

Despite ongoing events at the same time in other places nearby, the 10 K Tour stop # 8 of 12 at Bobby D?s fielded a good mix of talent with Al Maracle taking the win for the first time.

Jason Holdaway took the ?hot seat? after battling the A side very assertively, Jason Holdaway defeated Susie Wipper with a score of 9- 3. Susie fought a nice game against Jason but in the end could not get pass him. Susie got the spot after winning over Derek Claus. The pool gods where on her side and allowed her to lock in third place finish.

8 Players returned on Sunday for the cash

In the A side top bracket, Jason Holdaway (8+) defeated Mario Morra (9-1) by an 8-2 score.
In the A side lower bracket, Susie Wipper (4) bested Derek Claus (8) by a 4-6 score.

In the B side top, Al Maracle (7) pulled a string of miracles by advancing over Dave McMahon (7+) in a hill-hill match. Maracle later takes a victory over Mario Morra in another hill-hill match. In the B side bottom, Earl Hill (5+) won over Andrew Attard (8) by the score of 6-6. Earl moved on by defeating good friend Derek Claus (8) with a 6-3 score. Al Maracle defeated Earl Hill with a sound 8-3 score.

This set up the match between Al and Susie where Al prevailed 7-1 and Susie took a third place finish (good playing for a 4 HC).

Its show time and Al Maracle needs to best Jason Holdaway twice to take his first win and goes to do just that by the score of 7-5 and then 7-4.

Final results for stop # 8
1st Al Maracle $ 2400 Calcuta *
2nd Jason Holdaway $ 1200 Calcuta *
3rd Susie Wipper $ 600 Calcuta *
4th Earl Hill $ 350 Calcutta *
5th Mario Morra $ 150 Calcutta *
6th Derek Claus $ 150 Calcuta *
7th Dave McMahon $ 60
8th Andrew Attard $ 60

Second chance tournament winner was:
1st Al Lougheed $ 120
2nd Brad Lucas $ 60
3rd Jeff Robson $ 30
4th Riley Robson $ 30

The next stop # 9 is at Color of Money Billiards in Niagara Falls, Ontario March 5-6 2005. See you there and remember there will be 12 stops.