10 K Tour Results at Pool Paradise

Willie Hermoza and Scott McDonald

The first tour stop was held at Pool Paradise in Waterloo, Ontario, Kenny Chen and staff made all visitors and players feel at ease and comfortable. In all 63 players made it to this event and some traveled a little bit to be part of this first stop.

Players from Buffalo New York, Niagara Falls, St. Catherine, Hamilton, London, Waterloo, Burlington, etc. made the trip to gain part of the 33 points required to play the final event where $ 10,000.00 will be added guaranteed.

Willy Hermoza, tournament director for the 10 K Tour and Dan Devos, table mechanic for this tour where there to see that all worked well. The final match was between Dennis Hatch in the hot seat vs. Scott McDonald from St. Catharine; in true double elimination Scott McDonald bested Dennis Hatch twice to take first place and the points that go with it.

Below are the results:

1- Scott McDonald $2150.00
2- Dennis Hatch $1150.00
3- Dave Parker $600.00
4- Ephriam Day $370.00
5- Tol Kuy $220.00
6- Roy Pennell $220.00
7- Larry Vandermaele $150.00
8- Graham Randall $150.00
9- Jason Holdaway $60.00
10- Brad Lucas $60.00
11- Chris Orme $60.00
12- Terry Martin $60.00
13- Rob Blair $35.00
14- Shawn Miller $35.00
15- Aaron Thomas $35.00
16- Derek Claus $35.00

Second chance tournament for the first 16 players that lost was included with this tour and the winner was Steve Barnhart $200.00 and second place was taken by Charlie Dopp $100.00