10 K Tour Stop 5 at Bobby D’s

John Morra with Willie Hermoza

77 pool players were present at The 10 K Tour stop 5 the weekend of December 4-5, 2004.

Sunday saw 12 players returning for the cash. On the winners side were DJ McInley vs. Penny Devos (top bracket) and the lower bracket had John Morra vs. Greg McPhail in his debut in the 10 K Tour. This match drew quite a crowd as both players have advanced quite well.

Penny Devos upset DJ McInley 4-3 while John Morra bested Greg McPhail 8-5. Later John Morra defeated Penny Devos 8-2 to get to the “Hot seat” and wait for the next warrior.

In the one loss side Steve Murray defeated Derek Baker 7-5, Mike Roberts defeated Glen Seesemann 7-2, Jim Holland defeated Jason Klatt 6-6 (Jason goes to 8) and Sam Siolas defeated Dave Parker 8-6. The next round Mike Roberts defeated Steve Murray 7-2 and Jim Holland defeated Sam Siolas 6-7 (Sam goes to 8). Mike Roberts next match was Greg McPhail with Mike winning 7-5 and DJ McInley defeating Jim Holland 8-2

Mike Roberts defeated DJ McInley 7-6 and the winner got to play Penny Devos who ended up in third place losing 7-2 to Mike Roberts. Mike Roberts earned the trip back to the A side and defeated John Morra 7-5 and now all have lost once.

The finals started with John Morra taking the lead by two games and John kept the distance for a little while. Soon after Mike drew even with John and both players with the finest of skill and respect trade the safe game. It was hill-hill with four balls left, a bad safety play cost Mike Roberts who was helpless while John Morra run out to victory.

Both players demonstrated respect for the game and each other like seasoned veterans, it was a pleasure to observe such good display of etiquette by such young players. Well-done fellows.

John Morra has won The 10 K Tour 3 of 5 times, despite the increase in HC, he continues to perform well under pressure. “Hot Stuff” John Morra is now XXX 10 K Tour champion.

Final results for stop # 5
1st John Morra $2600 with calcutta 2nd Mike Roberts $1400 with calcutta 3rd Penny Devos $900 with calcutta 4th DJ McInley $600 with calcutta 5th/6th Jim Holland, Greg McPhail $280 with calcutta 7th/8th Sam Siolas, Steve Murray $170 with calcutta 9th/12th Dave Parker, Jason Klatt, Glen Seesemann, Derek Baker $60

The second chance tournament results:

1st Jason Holdaway $150 2nd Brian Massender $90 3rd/4th Al Smart, Tony Spiritu $30

Nello Robson, Sue Lemaigh and Barbara Mesdiros where there to support Willy Hermoza, Tournament Director for the 10 K Tour.

Wish you all seasons' greetings and Happy Holidays. See you at stop # 6 at Color Of Money Billiards in January 8 of 2005.