$10,000 Added Pac-West Invitational Announced in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Ore. – Sam's Billiards, located in the historic Hollywood District of Portland, Oregon is slated to host an event unlike any the Pacific Northwest has ever seen. Scheduled as a warm up to the “West Coast Swing”, the $10,000 Added Pac-West Invitational will bring the very best cuemen the sport has to offer.


The contest will be a modified version of 10-ball, designed to eliminate the “luck factor”. For those familiar with 10-ball rules, the only change is that the incoming player always has the option to make the outgoing player continue shooting unless the outgoing player has declared he is playing a safety shot. Other than that, all matches will be a race to 9, winner breaks, jump cues allowed, and 3-foul rule in effect.


The event will kick off with a Calcutta Thursday June 22nd at 8:00pm. Tournament play will be held June 23rd – 25th from 10:00 am to 6:00pm daily. A full list of attending professionals and the live stream address will be released in a subsequent press release. If you are a professional caliber player who would like to attend, or for any other information, please contact Carissa Biggs at (503) 740-6683