1st Annual Southern Classic Gets Underway at The Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Tunica, MS

As I arrived at Tunica I was reminded what it must have been like to be around in Bugsy Segal's heyday when he built the first Hotel in Las Vegas. Although since its conception back in 1996 when Tunica became a mini Las Vegas in a very countryside landscape that is Mississippi, there are now twelve Hotels and Casinos flashing their neon message to their adoring public. Judging by the packed parking lots I guess we are not in a recession, or it's the gamblers way of getting out of it.
Well, what is great news for pool fans everywhere is that Harrah's Casino and Hotel have joined forces with Diamond Promotions to bring us the 1st Annual Southern Classic Pocket Billiards All-Around Championship.

This pool extravaganza which is open to men and women runs July 20 - 28, 2012, and starts with the 9 Ball Bank event - Race to 3 - The second event is the One Pocket starting on the 22 - 24 - Race to 3 - The third event is the 9 Ball starting on the 25 - 28 - Race to 7 - Single elimination.

There is also a separate 10 Ball Challenge event that is taking place on 10 ft Diamond tables (very different and I am sure making Earl happy!!) and will start with the first round of four matches on Wednesday night at midnight - This Invitational event is open to sixteen players at an entry fee of $1,000, plus Diamond are adding $10,000, making a prize fund of $26,000 - (Not too shabby.) The semi final and the final will be played in the Accu-Stats Simonis Arena, on a 10 ft table (the 9 ft table being switched out for the 10 ft table, then switched back for the 9 Ball events final days matches.)

If this first event is a success it will hopefully lead to there being three or four of these events being run each year. This will certainly add more events to the tournament calendar, which is good news for pool players everywhere.
There is also a plethora of Amateur events being played throughout the 9 days at the Mid-South Convention Center close by.

Entries are still being taken for the One Pocket and 9 Ball events - For information please call: (812) 288-7665

We will be posting more results and news as the events progress throughout the week.