1st Annual TEXAS BUMPS Tournament at the RIO in Las Vegas at the BCAPL Championships

Mike Massey has “added another win to his Resume” , as he said when accepting the $2000 1st Place payout, for the first annual TEXAS BUMPS™ tournament at the BCAPL in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 23rd, 2013. The TEXAS BUMPS™ Tournament featured amateur and professional players competing in a no-handicap tournament.  
Massey went through the pack undefeated, but nowhere near unscathed. There were some exciting and tense moments that had everyone on the edge of their seats.  Gale Gearhart, an amateur player who is a rep for John Bertone and the Kamui Co., held up really well in his play. Gearhart toppled Mike Dechaine in the semi-finals, while Mike Massey overcame Max Eberle in a nail-biter.  
TEXAS BUMPS™ is a new game which is played on a regular pool table.  It is a straight-shooting, banking, caroming, strategizing, bumpy ride for all contestants, but everyone has a great time and gets to experience some real trials and tribulations. This game is a medium to difficult no-handicap game, where players of all skill levels are able to compete in the march to the Winner’s Circle.  Indeed, even without handicaps, a professional player lost in the first round and an amateur player advanced to the final match!
The final race to three on Tuesday evening, started out with Massey  taking a 2-0 lead in an offensive battle over Gearhart. Gearhart bounced back with a game and the hunt got more intense. Neither player seemed willing to go for anything risky and Massey fought off a desire to go for the home run shot. After Gearhart missed a nail-biter, Massey made a tough shot past a blocking ball for the win.
Mike Massey won $2000 for the Tournament Win and Gale Gearhart won $1000 in Second Place prize money. The Texas Bumps Tournament paid out a total of $5000.