2005 Amway Cup Underway

Jennifer Chen

The 2005 Amway Cup World Women Billiards Invitational has now begun in Taipei, Taiwan. The dozen women selected for this year's event are Jeanette Lee (USA), Yuan-Chun Lin (TPE), Shu-Han Chang (TPE), Jasmin Ouschan (AUS), Jennifer Chen (TPE), Wendy Jans (DEN), Ga-Young Kim (KOR), Jennifer Barretta (USA), Shin-Mei Lu (TPE), Allison Fisher (GB), Akimi Kajitani (JPN), and Karen Corr (IRE).

The day prior to the event was spent in television studios doing out-take shots for the upcoming broadcast and a press conference packed with live television cameras from throughout Asia.

The tournament is a round-robin format where the dozen combatants are broken into two camps of six players each. These two groups will do battle for two and a half days to determine the top two finishers in each group. These four players will then graduate to the final stages.

Day one got off to an early 9:30 AM start and the first three matches of the day all went to hill-hill heartbreakers. Jeanette Lee was the first winner, defeating Yuan-Chun Lin 7-6, followed by Shu-Han Chang's defeat of Jasmin Ouchin by the same 7-6 scoreline. The third close one was Jennifer Chen's narrow escape of Wendy Jans (7-6).

The next three matches had only slightly wider margins. Ga-Young Kim led Jennifer Barretta 4-0 at one point before Barretta clawed back to 4-3. Then Kim pulled away and finally won by the score of 7-4. Jasmin Ouchin met her second loss of the day at the hands of defending champion Shin-Mei Liu 7-4 and Allison Fisher took the wind from Kajitani Akimi's sails 7-5.

The first walkover of the day came next as Karen Corr mastered the table over Jennifer Barretta 7-2. After a brief delay due to a scoring confusion in their match, Jeanette Lee and Wendy Jans continued with Wendy prevailing 7-2. The final two matches of the day found Jennifer Chen defeating Akimi Kajitani 7-3 and Shin-Mei Liu prevailing over Shu-Han Chang.

At the end of day one the group scores are as follows:

Shin-Mei Liu 2
Shu-Han Chang 1
Ga-Young Kim 1
Karen Corr 1
Jasmin Ouchin 0
Jennifer Barretta 0
Jennifer Chen 2
Jeanette Lee 1
Wendy Jans 1
Allison Fisher 1
Yuan-Chun Lin 0
Akimi Kajitami 0


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