2008 Carolina Open One-Ten Ball Ends Sunday

Charlie Bryant

The 2008 Carolina Open ten-ball division at Fast Eddie's Sports Bar and Grill in Goldsboro, North Carolina (www.fasteddiessportsbar.com) is quickly dwindling down the field.  On Saturday, several top players were ousted from the brackets as the monster players make their way towards the finish line.

One of the initial casualties of the day was Earl Strickland.  In the 2 p.m. winner's side matches, Strickland fell to Antonio Mendieta 11-8, Tony Chohan took his first loss from Brian White 11-5, Brandon Shuff was defeated by Jason Klatt 11-6, and Sam Monday went down with a fight against Charlie Brinson 11-10.  Mike Davis, Johnny Archer, Keith Bennett, and Manny Chau all moved forward one notch in the field.  The one-loss side brought an end to many faces including Ronnie Wiseman, Peaches Fuller, and Wade Crane.

As the day continued, Sylver Ochoa, Larry Kressel, Jeff Abernathy, Earl Strickland, and Tony Chohan were sent home as well.  Manny Chau missed taking down Archer in the 6 p.m. rounds by one game 11-10, Davis was defeated by Bennett 11-8, with White, Klatt, Bryant, Fuller, Monday, and Bartrum trekking on.

But at the end of the 8 p.m. rounds (the final round of the day), there were only eight left on the chart.  The one-loss side shrunk to Charlie Bryant v. Michael Fuller and Sam Monday v. Chris Bartrum.  The undefeated players are:  Johnny Archer v. Keith Bennett and Brian White v. Jason Klatt.

Sunday will wrap up the week long pool extravaganza beginning at 12 p.m. with matches scheduled for 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., and finals at 8 p.m.

Keep watching the brackets as they will be updated all day Sunday until a winner is crowned!  Live streaming is available at www.ustream.tv/channel/cuesportsvideo.com, courtesy of Matt Highsmith of cuesportsvideo.com

For more information about the event scheduling, contact the room directly at (919) 759-0071.

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