2009 Women’s World 10-Ball Championship Announced

Yu Ram Cha

Manila, Philippines- Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce a new event to the world of billiards, The Women's World 10-Ball Championship ! This inaugural event will take place on May 25-30,2009 in Manila, Philippines and will host 48 women from around the globe to vie to become the first ever female World 10-Ball Champion which will pay $20,000 to the winner.

Dragon Promotions has been successful in becoming one of the leading promoters in the world today. DP has been supporting pool growth in the US for the past 8 years and established itself as an international tour de force taking on ambitious projects such as promoting billiards growth in India. Perhaps DP's greatest accomplishment to date has been its single handed creation of a billiards boom in Korea for the past five years, creating billiards as a viable sports program there with multiple TV networks. Now Dragon Promotions looks to broaden billiards popularity in the Philippines, a country with one of the most enormous potentials in pool today.

"It's a very challenging time with the current economic hardships and players losing so many events and sponsorships. We hope to inject a boost of morale into the sport with this new event, and also help heal the struggles in the billiard community," explained Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.
Lee adds,  "Billiards is vastly popular in the Philippines, but still behind sports such as basketball and boxing. The professional men's events have made pool much more noticeable, and we hope showcasing women there at our Women's World 10-Ball Championship will broaden the scope and interest. The ladies have something different to offer, and we think we'll draw the attention of other demographics. Combined with the men, it will make pool even more mainstream." 

Dragon Promotions has been the largest promoter of 10-Ball starting in 2005 with the Korea Pro Tour Championships playing 10-Ball for the first time on Asian television in Korea, and then evolving 10-Ball in the USA into their events including the Lucasi 10-Ball Classic , the Florida Pro 10-Ball Open and the Predator International Championship. Players such as Shane Van Boening had the notable distinction of winning his first ever major event at the Predator World 10-Ball Championships in 2007. DP also started strong junior support programs such as The World Junior 10-Ball Championships, with a boys and girls division.

Player invitations will begin going out next week with several marquee names expected to accept.  Many players welcome the news of this new event including Korean Champion Yu Ram Cha. Cha is a product of Dragon Promotions management and training and winner of The Korea Pro Tour Championships, which was a 10-Ball event, and winner of the first Junior World 10-Ball Championships. Yu Ram was recently named Billiards Digest 2008 Breakthrough Player of the Year.

"I'm really excited to goto the Philippines and play in the very first World 10-Ball Championship for women. I've been there a few times and really enjoyed my trips and the people are so nice. I feel 10-Ball is better suited for my game because you need a stronger break and better cueball control, which are two of the strongest parts of my game." said the 21 year old Cha, who is one of the many talented players managed by Dragon Promotions.
The complete format and prize breakdown will be available soon with updates on www.dragonpromotions.com  . Players, sponsors, and fans can request more info and join DP's mailing list at womensworld10ball@gmail.com