2011 TAP National Championships

Mark Gray (Photo courtesy of Markus Hofstaetter)

What's Cooking?

A recipe with a lifetime of memories simmering together with sportsmanship and great competition. Add a dash of good times and the meeting of new friends and that's "What's Cooking" on November 10th-13th at Bally's in Las Vegas, Nevada. A world class buffet for any hungry pool player. The main ingredient calls for hundreds of players, 8 and 9 ball teams and singles from all areas of the United States and Canada, proving to be the best crop in their fields. As it comes to a full boil you will begin to see the main dishes forming TAP's National Championship Titles, served hot to you, the player. Side dishes and appetizers include all around mini events and our chef's specialty dish, the Dream Team Event. It is suggested that you do not add any spices or hot sauce to this recipe, due to the fact that there will be plenty of heat. Enjoy Bon App'etit   For coverage on this event go to the TAP facebook.