2011 US Open Ready To Begin

Corey Deuel gets off to a tough start this year

The 2011 US Open 9-Ball Championship is ready to begin play on Sunday with 251 players competing for $30,000 in prize money and the most prestigious title on US soil.

While a handful of the top Filipino players are not in attendance, there is definitely no shortage of top talent in this event.

While the top 32 players were seeded in this event (seeds were determined by a combination of the BCA and WPA rankings), there are still a handful of marquee matches in the first round. Those matches include...

Lee Van Corteza vs Allen Hopkins
John Schmidt vs Antonio Gabica
Brandon Shuff vs Eric Hjorliefson

After the first round, all bets are off as any number of top players could run into other top players in round two.

We have online brackets and will be covering the event with seven days of real time scoring at usopen.azbilliards.com. Video coverage from the tournament will also be available through Accu-Stats PPV coverage at www.accu-stats.com