2012 Official Contributor to International Competition Opportunity Overview

The Billiard Congress of America is requesting the support of association member companies who recognize the significance of supporting international competition.

As the North American representative to the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), the Billiard Congress of America is the governing body for cue sports in North America.  As such, the Billiard Congress of America plays an active role in international competition, including the player selection process for international events, rules and specifications issues, supporting and overseeing international events in North America and participating in timely topics paramount to the sports and the industry.

In the future, the Billiard Congress of America would also like to identify strategies for providing American player travel stipends for international events.

Partnership Opportunity:  Demonstrate your company's support of international competition by supporting the Billiard Congress of America's membership in the WPA.

Supporter Benefits:

  • Rights to Promote Status: Official Contributors to International Competition will have full rights to use their official status for promotion and advertising usage. 
  • Internet:  bca-pool.com:  The Billiard Congress of America's official Web site will prominently recognize Contributors to International Competition in the WPA section of the site. BCA Points Ranking Exposure:  The BCA Points Ranking System is used to select American male players for International Competitions (i.e., World Championships).  The BCA Points Ranking is prominently displayed on bca-pool.com and Azbilliards.com.  Official Contributors to International Competition will receive logo exposure as part of the points ranking listings on these sites. 
  • Communications:  Official Contributors will receive logo and mention in all WPA communications from the Billiard Congress of America, including player invitations and ongoing correspondence, WPA Committee correspondence and appropriate event announcements.
The 2012 fee for this supporter status in $1,000. 

Just as importantly, we are looking for companies committed to professional pool and identifying creative ways to help us meet our objectives of enhancing our role with the World Pool-Billiard Association and international competition.

Please review this opportunity carefully and let me know if you have any questions.  If you are interested in becoming one of our supporters or if you have any questions after you review this opportunity, please email me at rob@bca-pool.com.