2013 Mosconi Cup Underway

The 2013 Partypoker.net Mosconi Cup is ready to get underway at 11:00 AM PST. The fans are taking their seats and the players are in their respective practice rooms, taking one last moment to prepare themselves for the unique pressures involved with this event.

As is always the case, the event will kick off with five on five teams. After that match, action will alternate between doubles and singles matches.

The full lineup for the day's matches is...

1) Five on Five Teams
2) Rodney Morris & Earl Strickland vs Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes
3) Shane Van Boening vs Mika Immonen
4) Johnny Archer & Dennis Hatch vs Niels Feijen & Ralf Souquet
5) Rodney Morris vs Darren Appleton

In it's 20th year, the Mosconi Cup will feature the best players from America vs the best players from Europe in a race to 11 matches battle The event is scheduled to take place Monday through Thursday at the beautiful Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.