2013 NAPA Nationals Again a Big Success

All Chalked Up - from Cincinnati, Ohio
The North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA) holds a yearly singles championship for all qualified NAPA players. The NAPA Nationals is a championship tournament that defines the best NAPA players from North America in each skill level class. All NAPA player's qualify for the NAPA Nationals directly from their home town without having to play in regional events.
Tunica Mississippi was the location of NAPA’s 3rd annual Nationals event. Held at the beautiful Harrah’s Casino Midsouth Convention Centre, the event had 1097 qualified entrants, double that of last year’s event. NAPA President, Jeremy Jones, again made sure the players had the best equipment, with 65 Diamond tables to compete on. Bad Boys Productions directed the tournament and refereed as needed during matches. Brackets are viewable online at: http://www.napaleagues.com/page.php?page=nationals
Players could compete in 8­ball, 9­ball and 10­ball, and a team event. League Operators and players from all over the United States came with their game faces on, and every player showed up at the table, making the competition enjoyable. This year’s event was live streamed online by OSPN via their web site at www.onsitepool.com.
The team event began June 21st with 25 teams entered. The double elimination bracket was chalk­full of stiff competition. First place went to “All Chalked Up” from Cincinnati, Ohio along with $2500.00 and the NAPA Diamond Cup. Standing 53 inches tall and weighing 60 pounds, the Diamond Cup is the NAPA’s top prize. The Diamond Cup will be housed at the Whiskey Barrel for the next five months and then Michael’s Billiards for the following five months, both in Cincinnati, Ohio..
In the 10 ball event, which began June 23rd, there were 165 entrants. The double elimination bracket again was full of capable players who showcased their skills. First place in the Grandmaster/Master/Class A bracket was taken by Alex Olinger out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His winning’s totalled $1216.00. Second place was won by Dave Ward out of Springfield, Missouri. Third place was won by Julio Delpozo out of Orlando, Florida. All three took home the NAPA Silver Cup which is given to the top three spots in each Class championship.
In the B­C­D­E bracket the first place winner was Brian Thompson out of Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Thompson took home a pot of $1424.00. Second place was won by Brandon Howard out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Third place in this bracket was Wayne Capps out of Memphis, Tennessee with a nice take home of $534.00.
The 9 ball event was exciting to watch as well! This double elimination event, which started on June 25th, had 341 competitors. In the Grandmasters/Masters bracket first place and $1026.08 went to Julio Aquino out of Orlando, Florida. Second place went to Alex Olinger out of Cincinnati, Ohio and third went to Darryl Davis out of Fayetteville, North Carolina.
In the 9­ball A class bracket, first place went to Chris Jenkinson out of Columbus, Ohio, second place went to Dale Eury out of Hillsboro, Ohio and third place went to Daniel Cossit out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr Jenkinson won the top prize of $1456.00.
In the 9­ball B class bracket, first place went to Lawrence Rowlett out of Henry, Georgia, second place to Lee Robinson out of Austin, Texas and third place went to Charles Bennett out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Rowlett’s winnings were $1582.00 for first place
In the 9­ball C­D­E bracket, first place went to Butch Marinelli out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a winning pot of $1344.00. Second place went to Karthik Subbaiah out of Cincinnati, Ohio and third place was taken by Dave Hilbert out of Toledo, Ohio.
On June 27th, the 8­ball double elimination brackets began with 566 competitors! This was certainly the most attended event during the nationals; a real nail­biter for sure. In the Grandmaster/Master bracket first place wastaken by Alex Olinger out of Cincinnati, Ohio with the first place prize of $1472.00. Mike McClain out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania took second place and Julio Aquino out of Orlando, Florida took the third place spot.
During the 8­ball A bracket, spectators watched some amazing shots and displays of true sportsmanship. First place in this bracket went to Dale Eury out of Hillsboro, Ohio. Eury took the winning prize of $2058.00. Second place was taken by Charlie Hans out of Cincinnati, Ohio and third place was won by Tim Frazee out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
In the 8­ball B bracket, first place was taken by Paul Yarborough out of Columbus, Ohio. Second place went to Nate Reno out of Hillsboro, Ohio and third place went to Wayne Capps out of Memphis, Tennessee. Yarborough took home $2331.20.
The 8­ball C­D­E bracket was a great competition to watch as well. First place winner Dave Hilbert out of Toledo, Ohio took home $1842.00. Second place was Shannon Ludington out of Cincinnati, Ohio and third place winner was Butch Marinelli out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The matches were exciting to watch, but that’s not all there was to do at the NAPA 2013 Nationals. With many local attractions, a huge casino floor, several swimming pools and great places to eat, there was non­stop fun for everyone who attended. Many vendors were in attendance including Robert Meucci of Meucci Cues. Mike Massey performed some of his classic trick shots to amuse the crowds as they shopped in the vendor booths. CueGator gave away lots of great items as well from their online store located on the web at www.cuegator.com . In the evening there were lots of mini tournaments to participate in as well.
This entire event was smooth, relaxed and well organized. The entire team of NAPA, from the office help to the president and vice president, to the CEO himself worked tirelessly to ensure every player had an amazing experience.