2016 China Yushan CBSA “Sanlig Cup” China Billiard World Championship scheduled for March

Darren Appleton will look to defend his title
The Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA) is proud to announce the 2016 China Yushan CBSA “Sanlig Cup” China Billiard World Championship, to be held from March 13th - 20th at the The First High School Stadium of Yushan County and the Star Billiards Club in the Yutai International Hotel. This event will be played under standard Chinese 8-Ball rules. 
The event will be separated into two stages. Stage one will be a qualifying stage for Chinese and International players who were not invited directly into stage two. 
Stage one will see players competing in races to 13 (ladies race to 9) in a single elimination event, with the top eight men and top four women qualifying for stage two.
Stage two will begin on March 17 and see the players separated into four different groups. International Men, Chinese Men, International Women and Chinese Women will compete in a double elimination bracket with thirty two men (sixteen International and sixteen Chinese) and sixteen women (eight International and eight Chinese) advancing to a final Single Elimination bracket.
The final single elimination stage will see the players competing for a total prize fund of 3,008,000 Chinese Yuan. ($460,865), with the final men’s winner collecting 600,000 Yuan ($91,927) and the final women’s winner collecting 400,000 Yuan ($61,285).
International stars already confirmed for this event include Jayson Shaw, Darren Appleton, Max Eberle, John Morra, Chris Melling, Waleed Majid, Zhiting Wu and Kamila Khodjaeva.
The event will be hosted by the World Pool-Billiard Association(WPA), The Multi-ball Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sports of China, The Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), The Sports Bureau of Jiangxi Province of China and the The People’s Government of Shangrao City of China. 
The title sponsor of this event is Jiangxi Sanlig Electronic Elevators Co., Ltd,.
Equipment sponsors are Star Billiards Tables, CYCLOP Billiard Balls, JunYao Billiards Lights, Andy Billiards Cloth and Wild Buffalo Cue Tips.