2016 Mosconi Cup – All to play for in Kuwait

WITH Team USA’s final selection being a straight shoot-out with three players contesting two spots, the European picture is far more complicated with the ‘World’ and ‘Combined’ list reaching their conclusion at next week’s Kuwait 9 Ball Championship. With Holland’s Niels Feijen already in the team after he topped the ‘Euro’ list earlier in the month, there are several players in contention for the final two coveted Mosconi Cup spots.
Mosconi Cup XXIII takes place at London’s Alexandra Palace from Tuesday to Friday 6th- 9th December and features two five-man teams representing America and Europe. The tournament comprises a series of singles and doubles matches with the first team to reach 11 points carrying off the famous trophy.
Jayson Shaw is the man to beat as he tops both outstanding ranking lists. With points awarded for a top 32 finish only, Shaw need only finish ahead of Albin Ouschan to maintain his lead on the World list. However if both Shaw and Ouschan flop in the event, then any one of David Alcaide, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, Dennis Grabe, Alexander Kazakis, 
Mario He or Mika Immonen could win through provided they reach the semi final or better.
On the Combined ranking, Shaw once again leads with Mark Gray the imminent threat 34 points behind. That means that Gray needs a quarter-final finish or better depending on whether Shaw makes it to the points stage. Should he fail to do that, David Alcaide has a chance but he will need to reach the final and hope Mark Gray fails to make the semi finals.
The point allocation for the Kuwait 9 Ball Open is: Champion – 80 pts; Runner-up – 67; Semi-finals – 53; Quarter-finals – 40; Last 16 – 27; Last 32 – 13.
In the eventuality that a single player finishes ahead on two or more of the lists, then the spots will go to the next highest placed player(s) on the Combined list. Should the second place on the Combined list be taken by an already qualified player, then the selection would go to the third placed player.
Combined Rankings
1 Jayson Shaw                                239
2 Niels Feijen                                   226
3 Mark Gray                                    205
4 David Alcaide                               187 
5 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz              153
6 Ralf Souquet                                141 
T7 Imran Majid                                139
T7 Albin Ouschan                           139
9 Mika Immonen                             131
10 Nikos Ekonomopoulos               130 
World Rankings
1 Jayson Shaw                                99
2 Albin Ouschan                              93
T3 David Alcaide                             56 
T3 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz            56
T5 Dennis Grabe                             53 
T5 Alexander Kazakis                    53 
T7 Mario He                                    51
T7 Mika Immonen                           51
9 Daryl Peach                                 43
10 Imran Majid                                29
European Rankings (Complete)
1 Niels Feijen                                   213
2 Mark Gray                                     189
3 Jayson Shaw                                140 
4 David Alcaide                                131
5 Nikos Ekonomopoulos                  117 
6 Ralf Souquet                                 115 
7 Imran Majid                                   110
8 Joshua Filler                                 103
9 Wojciech Szewczyk                       99 
10 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz              97
For full rankings go to www.matchroompool.com/mosconi-cup