2017 Mosconi Cup – Final Team USA standings

With the qualification period for Team USA spots now complete, it was Shane Van Boening who topped the ranking after another stellar eight months that saw him record a string of victories. With qualification for the 2017 Mosconi Cup on a different footing, players needed to have finished in the top ten of the ranking to have a chance of being selected for the team by USA captain Johan Ruijsink.
To give himself what he feels is the best possible chance for the USA to win the Mosconi Cup for the first time since 2009, the captain will pick his side from the top ten with the option of going outside the ten for one of his picks should he feel it necessary.
Ruijsink is expected to name his full side early this week.
The 24th running of the Mosconi Cup takes place from Monday to Thursday 4th to 7th December at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The defending champions are Europe as Team USA look for their first victory in eight years.
Final Ranking
1 Shane VAN BOENING                 330 
2 Dennis Hatch                             185  
3 Skyler Woodward                  173 
4 Billy Thorpe                                134  
5 Rodney Morris                          128
6 Donny Mills                                118  
7 Oscar Dominguez                    116
8 Corey Deuel                                102 
9 Hunter Lombardo                   100 
10 Brandon Shuff                         93
11 Johnny Archer                        83  
12 Earl Strickland                      74
13 Josh Roberts                            63
14 Jeremy Jones                            59 
15 Justin Bergman                      49
16 Shaun Wilkie                            48 
17 Devin Poteet                            45 
T18 James DAVIS                            38
T18 Jeremy Sossei                        38
20 Manny Perez                            37
For full rankings to www.matchroompool.com/mosconi-cup
Tickets for the Mosconi Cup are available from www.mosconicup.com