21th Annual Junior Artistic Pool Championships at Junior Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) proudly announces the 21st Annual Junior Artistic Pool Championships presented by Tom “Dr. Cue” and Marty “Ms. Cue” Rossman. This year’s championships will be run by Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick who also supported the event last year. This year’s event will be held in conjunction with the 26th Annual BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships June 24-27, 2014 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY.
The Artistic Pool Lag Shootout Challenge has been a great success for many years among amateurs and juniors worldwide. The event encompasses the eight disciplines of artistic pool, one important discipline being the lag shot.  All documents for the Junior Artistic Pool challenge can be downloaded from the BEF website. Top two finishers from each age division will receive trophies.
“Dr. Cue”, “Ms. Cue”, and “Dr. Popper” want to thank the BEF for their continued support of Artistic Pool.  We encourage all juniors to participate in this special competition and to “enjoy the artistic roll”…always!!
Tentative Schedule for 2014 Junior Artistic Pool Championships
Special Show
5:00PM to 8:00PM – Preliminary Rounds
11:00AM to 7:00PM -- Preliminary Rounds
11:00 to 5:00PM – Complete Preliminary Rounds, Final Rounds to follow
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