5-Pins and Small Table 3-Cushion updates

Daniel Sanchez

In the Birilli Team-Event it comes to the hoped rematch between Italy and Germany. While the Azzurri had no problems to defeat France the second semifinal between the title holder from Germany and the Danish team was a thriller. After two singles and one double the score was 2:1 in favor of Denmark but the Germans managed to win the team-relay with 200:185-points. As this relay counts double, Germany won by an overall score of 3:2-points.

On the small billiards the group stages of the Men’s 3 cushion tournament continued today. Last-time bronze medalist Sameh Sidhom from Egypt had to suffer two defeats and needs a miracle on Thursday if he wants to reach the single elimination round.

Meanwhile Daniel Sanchez (Spain) and Rui Costa from Portugal secured two wins and should have no problems to go to the next stage.

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