5th Annual Predator Florida Open

2004 Winner Johnny Archer

Dragon Promotions is excited to announce the 5th Annual Predator Florida Open. It is scheduled for May 25, 2005 to May 29, 2005. The event will kick off with a basketball game and a charity event on May 25th and the Pro and Juniors event on May 26. Also, a special Pro Challenge Table Invitational with $7000 going to the winner including players such as Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Thorsten Hohmann, John Schmidt, Mike Davis and more on May 25.

The Predator Florida Open is the oldest tournament that Dragon Promotions has produced. It was the first regional event produce by Dragon Promotions, with $4000 added. Today it's full blown to be a national ranking points event for 2005 with $20,000 guaranteed added.

"With the continued support of all the players and fans, we are proud to sanction the Predator Florida Open with the UPA. Dragon Promotions have and will continue to work towards sanctioning all our events. We encourage all promoters to take this opportunity to get their events sanctioned by UPA in order to avoid future conflicts." -Cindy Lee President of Dragon Promotions

Please visit www.upatour.com for more info on the event and to view flyer see http://www.upatour.org/images/2005PredatorFloridaOpenAd_l.gif

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe