7th Annual Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open

New Iberia,Louisiana -  The 2012 Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open is back in its 7th year and will bring forth some of the best amateur talents around the country. The event starts on October 18th through October 21st at Emerald Billiards in New Iberia, Louisiana. The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open is produced by Dragon Promotions and will coincide with The Championship Cloth Pro Classic events. This 7th installment of this amateur extravaganza will feature 7 total tournaments in 9-Ball and 8-Ball disciplines, with divisions in Open, Women, Seniors, Mixed Doubles and the Open 9-Ball  which allows all players of any level to play. No Pros, No Semi-Pros, No Top Rated Amateur players will be allowed to play in the 8-Ball events. The US Amateur 8-Ball events are created for only the true amateur players, which makes it a fair chance for anyone to win. The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open has been a pre-cursor of amateur players turning into professionals later on and is regarded as a major stepping stone for up and coming talent.
The winner of the Open 8-Ball will receive up to $3000 and the winner of the Pro-Am 9-Ball $5000 based on moderate field sizes. The Ladies Open 8-Ball will pay $1000 for 1st and $1500 in the 9-Ball, with identical prizes for the seniors and mixed doubles with moderate fields. It is largely regarded as one of the most fun events to attend. The event is sponsored by Predator, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Aramith Balls, and Emerald Billiards.

"I had an absolute terrific time last year. I would definitely be coming back again!" said Dr. Michael Fedak, one of the amateur participants in the open and seniors divisions, and notable main sponsor of the prestigious World Tournament of 14.1.

"Ozone Billiards is pleased to continue support of the US Amateur Open and the Dragon Promotions produced Championship Cloth Pro Classic. The combining of both pro and amateur events has been a winning combination, and we enjoy the positive energies created from it for the sport and industry. We look forward to the players and fans interacting and enjoying this long running event in America", said Shawn Gargano, President of Ozone Billiards. Ozone Billiards is one of the biggest and most successful online retail companies in the world and is in its seventh year of sponsoring the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open.
Ozone Billiards has had a history of supporting professional tournaments such as The Predator International 10-Ball Championship, The World Straight Pool Championship and the Dragon Promotions Pro Classic.
The host Emerald Billiards opened in 2008 but moved in 2009 to a new million dollar facility by owner Keith Hulin. Emerald Billiards has 20 Valley Bar Tables and 8 Brunswick Gold Crown Vs and  has hosted major amateur events such as the APA Tri-Cup with over 800 players. This will be the third time Emerald will host both the amateur and pro events. The event is also supported by the APA Acadiana operated by Preston and Lisa Granger, who run one of the top ten largest pool leagues in America with over 4000 members.
The amateur events will have great quality equipment on Valley 7 ft bar tables. No coins needed to play matches as there will be a $20 registration and green fee inclusive in every entry fee in all divisions. Players may also choose to play in multiple divisions with no scheduling conflicts.These events are open to all true amateurs(men or women) and no membership fee is required . There is also a Mixed Doubles 9-Ball so now men and women can travel and play together on one team, as well as play in their individual singles events .
"This is one of the premier amateur events in the country and we are really happy to host it in Louisiana once again. And we are proud to be the only place in Louisiana bringing the best pros in the world", said Keith Hulin, Owner of Emerald Billiards. This year top names such as Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Shane Van Boening, Shawn Putnam, Charlie Williams, and Thorsten Hohmann will be attending the pro side events. And many new pro faces will be attending!

The 9-Ball Open is open to all, and the 8-Ball has a Complete Updated Ineligible List of Players can be found at http://www.dragonpromotions.com/ineligiblelist.html
This event is designed for non-full time playing amateurs who do not play pool for a career. Note that below does not all apply to women. Click "Amateur Eligibility" to read Dragon Promotions Amateur Events Eligibility. Besides that list, the organizers of the event reserve the right to use their judgment if they deem a player not eligible for the event. Players who are not sure if they would be able to play should contact Dragon Promotions prior to the event.Questions on Amateur event call 1-407-782-4978 email at dpamateurevents@gmail.com. Visit www.dragonpromotions.com for all DP global events and follow www.facebook.com/dragonpromotionsinternational
The amateur event will be at same venue and next to the pro event. Tickets can be bought in advance and For credit card payments call Emerald Billiards (337) 364-9922. 2511 West Old Spanish Trail New Iberia, LA 70560  .  Amateur event players can also purchase tickets to watch the pro event at the door .
The amateur event will be at same venue and next to the pro event. Amateur event players can also purchase tickets to watch the pro event at the door . Follow the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open on Facebook at www.facebook.com/usamateuropen
Ozone Billiards has been providing pool players with top quality billiard products for more than a decade. Its commitment to customer service has helped Ozone Billiards grow to be one of the largest retailers of billiard supplies in the United States. For more information about Ozone Billiards and its product lines, visit www.ozonebilliards.com