8-Ball Battle of Scandinavia

Biljardsport is proud to be organizer of “The 8-ball Battle of Scandinavia”, which will take place between the 17th to the 20th of January 2007.

The tournament will probably be one of the biggest 8-ball tournament ever organized in Scandinavia, and with Betandwin.com as partner for this tournament there will be at least 30 matches broadcasted live at www.betandwin.com. It is free to watch the matches, and Betandwin.com also offers livebetting on those matches, and you can also bet on who you think will win the tournament.

As a player you are guaranteed more matches than normal in Open tournaments in Europe, because of the choice of groupstages in the first round. Every players has some bad matches sometimes, but with groupstages you can still proceed to the next round if you manage to turn bad rolls into good rulls, even if you start with some bad results.

Some very good players have already announced their participation, so if you would like to test your skills against the top players in the world this is your chance! In a race to 5, alternate break, anyone can win against the pros!

Even better: If you proceed to the knock-out stages, there will be best of 5 short sets, instead of long matches. In long races to 9 or 11 the best players are always favourites, but since each set will be a run to 3 with alternate break, the chances for some surprices increases dramatically! The player who first win 3 sets proceed to next round.

With this system it will be more exciting for both spectators and players! Every rack is deadly important, and you will almost get the feeling as playing double-hill all the time!

If a full field of 256 players, the first price will be 15 000 Euro, and the grand total will be 39 000 Euro! The biggest 1.price for an European Open tournament!!! With 160 players there will be 9000 Euro in first price, and 23900 Euro in grand total. Also the biggest 1.price in an European Open tournament… The player who makes the most break and run during the tournament will receive a prize of 500 Euro, and the player with most Golden Breaks (8 on the break) will receive 200 Euro! Possibilities for everyone!!!

Do not wait till it's too late, register today for a superb pool week in Norway!