8-Ball Down to Quarterfinals and Excitement in the Team Competition

At the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Youth, the 8-ball individuals are down to the quarter-finals while the team competition came up with more excitement later on today.


In the Under 17’s, team Germany met team Poland. Since both nations are known to have a strong  youth contingency, the match was eagerly awaited. The team leader made their calls and the line-up was as follows:


Wiktor Zielinski v Johannes Schmitt in 8-ball


Michal Muklewicz v Nicolas Georgopoulos in 9-ball


Daniel Maciol v Patrick Hofmann in straight pool.


Zielinski defeated Schmitt in 8-ball with 6:4. Surprisingly, Hofman was able to defeat European Champion Maciol in straight pool with 75:38. The decision had to come in the match between Muklewicz and Georgopoulos. And as if the drama was not high enough, that match went hill-hill with Muklewicz having the break shot in rack nr. 13. He fired the break shot and 3 balls went down with all remaining balls spread out nice and easy. He ran all balls until he got to the 7-ball. With only the 7-ball and the 9-ball left on the table, Muklewicz came a bit too low on the 7-ball. But he managed to cut it in and get position for the 9-ball. He also pocketed the 9-ball and won the match with 7:6, bringing team Poland the victory over team Germany. Unlucky for Georgopoulos he was not even at the table in the final rack.


Other surprising results include team North Cyprus defeating team Czech Republic with 2:1 in the Under 17’s. Team Germany with Raphael Wahl, Florian Zuewert and double European Champion Joshua Filler was too strong for team Austria in the Under 19’s. They won the match clearly with 2:0, leaving no chance for the strong Austrian team. Since this was the winner’s qualification round, the losing teams will get another chance on the loser’s side of the draw while the winning teams advance to the single elimination stage.


In the 8-ball individuals earlier today, the biggest surprise happened in an all-German clash. Joshua Filler lost against his teammate Jannik Schmitt with 5:7 in the round of the final 32 players and is out of the 8-ball competition. Other notable results include Vladislav Les (BLR) winning over Spasian Spasov (BUL) with 7:5. Clemens Schober (AUT), who celebrated his 18th birthday today, provided himself with the best gift by defeating Dawid Tonojan (POL) 7:6 for a spot in the last 16 players.


The Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships 2014 will continue tomorrowmorning at 09:00 CET with matches of the 9-ball individuals. The 8-ball finals will be played at 20:00 CET.


All matches can be viewed LIVE at www.kozoom.com. 22 tables in HiRes quality are providing you with all the action of the event. You do not miss out one single match! Join today!


More information about participants, schedules, achievements, rankings, etc can be found on the event website www.epconline.eu.


The event is hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion Foundation IBPF.