96 Player Field Fills Edmonton With Shooting Stars

John Morra

The field is filled to capacity in Edmonton for the second leg of the Canadian 9-Ball Tour. The Q Club on Stony Plain Road is our host this week in the event sponsored by Cineplex Entertainment, Chapters and Indigo Bookstores, Canada Billiard and Bowling, Dufferin Billiards, Stan James sports bookmakers, Simonis cloth and Aramith Billiard Balls.

This is an all-Canadian affair with players migrating to Edmonton from throughout the nation and the usual cream is rising to the top. At the end of day one the undefeated list includes Paul Potier, Edwin Montal, Eric Hjorliefson, Stan Tourangeau, Alain Martel, John Morra, Jarrod Spence and Tyler Edey.

There are also eight players left on the desperate side of the charts. Those with only one barrel remaining include Grant Golaiy, Brady Gollan, Eric Hildebrand, Jody Thornton, Spencer Auigbelle, Bryan Butler, Nick Kruger and Gary Hauck.

After play completes tomorrow the all-important points and ranking list will begin to firm up for the year. While there are still six events left in the season all the combatants realize that it is easier to maintain a lead than to gain one and the race will be on to claim the top slots as the names occupying those spaces will be vying for inclusion in international events including the World 9-Ball Championship, the World Ten Ball Championship, the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. Qualifying for these events is even more important to most players than the quest for the $10,000 in added money offered at each event.

The Canadian 9-Ball Tour is organized and run by Jim Wych and Michael Wright. More information on the tour and their sponsors may be obtained at the official tour website: www.canadian9balltour.com. Players may register there for upcoming events and those interested in playing are urged to apply early as the fields are crowding rapidly.