A Carom Table? … At the BCA Nationals?

That's right – you can enjoy 3-Cushion Billiards at the 2005 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. Join me, along with many other carom enthusiasts, crowding around a billiard table located just inside the main entrance to the Royale Pavilion ballroom (the back ballroom) to participate in this fun venue.

The booth features a Gabriels Billiards table illuminated by Diamond Professional lighting. Gabriels Billiards tables are among the finest in the business and the quality of Diamond Professional lighting is well known. Visit the booth and witness some fine Carom play.

I would like to thank several people for making this billiard experience happen. Gabriels Billiards tables and Diamond Billiard Products deserve our thanks for providing such great equipment. It is no easy task to deliver and set up this equipment. A big Thank You! to Professor Q-Ball, Paul Frankel, for coordinating this fine promotion. Thanks to Bob Jewett, one of the most authoritative minds on the subject of 3-Cushion Billiards. Bob will be working the booth for a few days and will offer his expertise on the subject of Billiards. Our thanks go out to a loyal BCAPL supporter, Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman), a true billiard fanatic. Tom displays his talents through his great Artistic Pool exhibitions and competitions at the Nationals. Tom is an accomplished carom player, and he will bring his talent, enthusiasm and entertainment to the billiard table as well.

I am very pleased to announce that Mazin Shooni will be a feature attraction during the exhibition. Mazin is considered to be one of the finest Carom players in the world. He is one of the top six (6) players in the United States and will be demonstrating the fine art of Billiards for everyone to see. Mazin is the manager of World Class Billiards in Peabody, Massachusetts where he keeps his skills finely tuned.

You might be asking yourself what a billiard table is doing at an 8-Ball event. The BCAPL does not view the billiard industry as being divided into competing sectors. A rising tide lifts all boats, and it is our goal to foster a growth environment for all billiard sports.

Take this as my personal invitation to drop by the booth, bring your cue and participate in the art of Billiards. Come challenge the pros!