A Guide to the 2021 Predator Championship League Pool

The Predator Championship League Pool returns to action in March, where some of the world’s best players compete across eight days of quick-format 9-ball action. The competition begins on March 22 and will be available to watch live around the world. Taking place in Milton Keynes, England, you can find out all the details of the tournament, including where to watch, which players are taking part and who is expected to win in our full guide below.

Where to Watch

All of the Championship League Pool tournament will be available to watch either through tv or online streaming, depending on where you live. UK and Ireland fans can watch all of the action through Freesports. This channel will exclusively show table 1, but if you want to watch table 2, you can matchroom.live and purchase a day or full event pass to watch.

If you’re in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, you can watch through DAZN. This online streaming service lets you tune in and watch table 1 live, but if you want to watch table 2, you can watch for free on matchroom.live.

Finally, the rest of the world can tune in and live stream from matchroom.live. The subscription price will depend on your location. On top of this, one match per day will be broadcast live on the Matchroom Pool YouTube channel. All of the matches will be available to watch on-demand after the group has concluded.


There are nineteen players taking part in this year’s Predator Championship League Pool, including some of the world’s best pool players. This competition will also see the world ranking resume, as all seven players who reach the winner’s group will receive two world ranking points. Top players taking part include Chris Melling,Eklent Kaci, Kelly Fisher, Albin Ouschan and Mieszko Fortunski.


Each of the 19 players compete in groups, with seven groups of seven players. One group is completed each day, with the winners to 6th place receiving between $4,000 and $700 in prize money. Every player faces each other, and the top four players then compete in the semifinals and a final to determine the final group rankings.

The winner of each group will then go on to play in a high-stake winner’s group, and it’s here that the overall winner of the competition will be decided. In the winner’s group, the prize money is increased, and players can win between $5,000 and $1,000, depending on their final ranking.

Predator Championship League Pool Odds

You can find Predator Championship League Pool odds online at any good online sportsbook. If you’re using a new sportsbook, remember to claim your free bets or welcome offers when you first sign up. If you’re looking for a new one, we’d suggest checking  this page by OLBG.com where you’ll find a list of offers from the top bookies. Many sportsbooks encourage new players to join by offering a sign up bonus which is usually fairly easy to claim.

You can place your Predator Championship League Pools bets on specific games or on who you think will win the entire tournament. Chris Melling is considered by many to be the favourite after a strong Group 1 opening, but there are still several more groups to play before the final winner’s group is decided.