A New Face for the Hunter Tour for the 1st Stop of 2008

Line Kjoersvik

The Hunter Classics Tour welcomed their first stop of the 2008 season with an astounding 64 players from all over the world. Players from Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Norway participated in the February 16-17th event at Fast Eddie's in Austin, Texas. We would like to extend our special thanks to Danny and his staff for hosting our first stop. As always, their service and hospitality were outstanding and we so much appreciate all you do for us. A special plaque was given to the Fast Eddie's Austin establishment by the Hunter Classics Tour for all their hard work and continuous support.

Line Kjoersvik, fresh from her Arizona Women's Tour win last week, took out all contenders at this her first Hunter Classics Tour event. She went undefeated through the entire tournament and proved that she is ready to get back on the WPBA trail again. She used to play on the WPBA five years ago and took a hiatus, but she is undoubtedly now ready and raring to go. Nice start for Line especially since she has won two back-to-back WPBA Qualifiers for 2008.

In addition to having many new faces to the tour, the tour itself is also having a new face. Wes Hunter, who has been the main sponsor of this tour for 15 YEARS, has decided to focus more of his energies and pool cue-making activities toward enhancing his business. It is with much regret that the Hunter Classics Amateur Women's Tour held their last Hunter Classics Tour event at this Fast Eddie's stop. The partnership that Wes has built with his name, custom cues, and all the women that participated in each and every Hunter Classics Tour event is without a doubt the best partnership we could have ever asked for. Wes Hunter helped amateur women players to achieve their dreams and without you Wes, this could not have been possible. We applaud you for all you have done for us and wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. Thank You Wes!!!!

It is also with much excitement and honor that the tour still lives on. Special thanks go to our new sponsor OB Cues. The new tour name is OB Cues 9-Ball Ladies Tour and we thank the Owen-Bunnell organization for picking up the torch and carrying on a 15 year tradition. OB Cues, best known for their OB-1 cue shaft – the vibration-damping core, radial consistency and low cue ball deflection gives you a cue shaft like you've never felt before. We know that all the past, present and future amateur lady pool players appreciate what you are going to do for the tour and we welcome your sponsorship with open arms. Thank You Don Owen and Royce Bunnell!!!!

As stated earlier, sixty-four players came to play and play is what they did. Top picks were Lisa Marr, Amanda Lampert, 2006-2007 Hunter Classics Regional Tour Champion Heather Lloyd, Tara McCracken and board member Melinda Bailey, fresh from her recent triple dip 1st place win at the recent Southwest Amateur Tour in Harker Heights, TX.

By days end on Saturday, the Main Event top 4 undefeated players were Lisa Marr (Little Rock, AR) vs. Helen Hayes (San Antonio, TX) and Tara McCracken (Dallas, TX) vs. Line Kjoersvik (Norway). Among those with one loss and returning for the Main Event as well were Melinda Bailey (Fort Worth, TX) vs. Julia Rapp (Austin, TX); Kyu Yi (Houston, TX) vs. Samm Diep (Denver, CO); Michelle Ram (Austin, TX) vs. Rebecca Goodnight (Houston, TX) and Amanda Lampert (Carrollton, TX) vs. Sherri L. Smith (Lyons, TX).

As the tournament play continued in the Main Event, the finals was set by Sunday late afternoon and it was a battle between Little Rock vs. Norway….that is Lisa Marr vs. Line Kjoersvik. In this true double elimination format, Lisa would need to defeat Line twice. Lisa put forth a valiant effort, but it was Line who came out as the victor with a score of 7-5. Line won the WPBA Qualifier and $750 for her first place finish. Congratulations to all the ladies!

1st place – Line Kjoersvik - $750 + WPBA Qualifier (BCA Heritage event)
2nd place – Lisa Marr – $610
3rd place – Amanda Lampert - $420
4th place – Melinda Bailey - $320
5th – 6th place – Tara McCracken & Helen Hayes - $170
7th – 8th place – Kyu Yi & Michelle Ram – $120
9th – 12th place – Samm Diep, Sheri L. Smith, Rebecca Goodnight & Julia Rapp - $80
13th - 16th place – Lucille Donahue, Jillian Valles, Kathy Knuth, Terry Petrosino - $50

A Second Chance tournament was held on Sunday and 37 players showed up to continue with their quest to win this event. Top finishers were:

1st = Kim Pierce $140
2nd = Lisa Henderson-Major $110
3rd = Cristina de la Garza $80
4th = Deanna Henson $50
5/6th = Stephanie Reyes and Sue Chong $25
7th/8th = Ashley Nandrasy and Annie Doyle $20

There were also numerous raffle winners given throughout the two-day event. But the biggest raffle winner of them all was Suzanne Walkuski, a regular tour player, who won the last Wes Hunter custom cue made special for the Hunter Classics Tour events. Congratulations Suzanne!

Thanks to all the players, host site, tour sponsors, fans, and spectators. We look forward to seeing everyone at our first OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour stop April 19-20 at Bogie's Billiards in Houston, Texas.