A Selection of Great Games for Billiards Fans to Play

Alongside following the major tours and events, billiards fans typically play video games. Whether they’re snooker-themed games or pool-themed products, they generally provide the cue-based action that billiards players crave. Of course, there are notable differences between all cue sports, with some distinct features setting them apart, but video games in this area still appeal to billiards lovers given the similarities they possess. 

Some billiards fans even dabble in both pool and snooker alongside their passion for billiards, perhaps by watching the biggest pool competitions on television, attending events, sharing views on X, and even indulging in some snooker betting. While these same people also explore games dedicated to both snooker and pool, there is a desire to sample products that are also related to billiards. Sadly, though, given the smaller following the sport has compared to both pool and snooker, there aren’t as many enticing products to get through here. 

Still, for billiards fanatics, there are some excellent titles that can be sampled with ease on a variety of leading gaming platforms. Sure, some releases might not provide the billiards gaming package that people want, but they still manage to serve up plenty of cue-related fun and entertainment. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at a selection of great games for billiards fans to play. 

Billiards City is a must 

Kicking things off with a billiards-themed game that warrants some attention, downloading Billiards City is a must. Essentially a realistic billiards simulator, it boasts immaculate HD graphics and realistic ball physics to create a truly authentic billiards gaming experience. As we’ve already mentioned, there aren’t too many billiards-themed games available to session, but this particular gem deserves some of your time. Capable of keeping boredom at bay for a good hour or so, the game is a challenge to master initially, but its relaxing nature and the game’s helpful tips means there’s no rush to get to the top of the rankings. Also offering an eye-catching arcade style, Billiards City is accessible on Android devices and serves up strong doses of entertainment. 

Pool Blitz is accessible on the PS5 

While most of the games in this genre are accessible on tablet and mobile devices, there are some console products that are worth sampling. One of them is certainly Pool Blitz, a free game that can be sampled on a PlayStation 5 console. As you might expect given the console’s immense power, the graphics are unrivalled in this free-to-play title. Additionally, Pool Blitz offers an eight and a nine-ball sim, alongside an online gaming offering that sees you come up against the game’s community of players. Also offering unlockable items to collect from cards that can be found in loot boxes, Pool Blitz has it all. You can even enter tournaments and reign supreme using an extensive selection of themed cues. 

8 Ball Pool is a fantastic game

(Image via https://x.com/8ballpool)

A smartphone favourite that has been impressing gamers since 2010, 8 Ball Pool’s competitive nature makes it a game you simply have to experience. A free-to-play title that is accessible on Android and iOS devices, players can take on multiplayer mode, enter tournaments with up to eight other players taking part, and even play against their loved ones. From the mechanics to the graphics, 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic title to play. With over 1 billion downloads at the time of writing, there is clearly an appetite for a game that is played all around the world.

Snooker Stars is a solid product 

If you prefer snooker over pool, then Snooker Stars is a game you’re likely to enjoy. With a customisable camera following the action as it unfolds, you can adjust your aim accordingly and showcase your accuracy relatively easily. A realistic offering where you can challenge yourself against the game’s online players, Snooker Stars is a solid product that people everywhere play on a daily basis. The game’s updates and frequent online events have resulted in a competitive gaming package that many other games in this category have struggled to replicate. 

Pool Billiards Pro is basic but fun 

Another title with a billiards aspect to it, Pool Billiards Pro is a charming release that is capable of successfully fighting against boredom and satisfying any billiards cravings you may have. Accessible on mobile, the game features 8-ball and 9-ball pool, all supplemented with some challenge modes and the game’s decent PvP feature. While the game’s graphics aren’t as impressive as some of the other titles on the list, Pool Billiards Pro is a fun release to session, be it through its single-player aspect or in multiplayer mode. 

Pool Stars is one of the best titles from the category 

Another pool-themed favourite, if you haven’t played Pool Stars yet, then you definitely should. Coming in both 2D and 3D perspectives, players can pot their way to glory and record big scores that will enable them to occupy the top of the leaderboard. An array of game modes adds another layer of intrigue to this top release, with players being able to jump between a single-player career and a multiplayer battle with ease. Players can even create their own challenges in this one and share them with the game’s large community of fellow players. Overall, Pool Stars is definitely one of the best titles from this particular category.