A Tip To Help You Win, or Keep You From Losing

Some pool playing tips are designed to help you play better and win, while others are designed to keep you from losing — is there a difference?

There is a shot that most pros refer to as the most difficult shot on the table and when they think about the shot, their eyes roll back in their head as they remember the times when the shot cost them a crucial game or match, and it’s not the tough shot you might think it is.

Remember the times when you stepped up to the table and made a totally fabulous shot that you never thought you could make, you turned around with a mile wide smile and your teammates all gave you the high five. You felt 10 feet tall, good looking and bulletproof, and then stepped up to the next easy shot and blew it. That’s the shot I am talking about — the toughest shot on the table is the one after the great shot. Your elation over the previous great shot causes your concentration to drop to a dangerous level, causing you to miss the next shot. But don’t feel bad, it happens to every player many times in his or her lifetime.

Better players recognize when it happens and make sure they bear down with 100% concentration on that next easy shot. Remember the next time you make that great shot, to take a few seconds and compose yourself and get your head back on straight before approaching the next shot. It will keep you from losing a few matches every season.

Good Luck — Jerry