ABP Note to Players Concerning U.S. Open

Chicago, Illinois-  The Association of Billiard Professionals is pleased to announce the second consecutive year of its cooperation with the US Open 9-Ball Championship and its promoter Barry Behrman. This is an ABP International Pro Rankings tournament with the US Open 9-Ball seeding the top 16 ABP players as well as seeding from WPA and Billiard Congress of America rankings. The US Open 9-Ball Championship takes place October 21st- 27th, 2012 in Virginia Beach, VA.  The event is $72,000 added with a full field of players for a whopping $200,000 purse.  

Behrman is also cooperating with the ABP on match scheduling as all the ABP players in the ABP sanctioned Championship Cloth Pro Classic October 16th-21st will be given a one day grace period to travel in time and play on Monday October 22nd. This only applies to players who will already have paid their US Open entry fee of course.

Once again, players coming from ABP Louisiana events will be given October 21st Sunday as a travel day to the US Open 9-Ball Championship.

Players please note seeded players must have entries in by October 15th which is also the last day before the $50 late fees. All entries will be mailed to the Billiard Congress of America or pay online with info found here: http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/players.php
Or call 757-499-8900

The ABP seedings for the US Open 9-Ball will be the updated version after the results of the Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic and the Championship Cloth Pro Classic 9-Ball on October 18th. The US Open seeding will be done October 20th.  

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