ABP Pro Players Not Attending the 2011 US Open 9-Ball Championship

Chicago, Illinois- It is with regret that the general professional body of the Association of Billiard Professionals will not be attending the 2011 US Open 9-Ball Championship promoted by Mr.Barry Behrman. Nor will these ABP pros attend the Masters 10-Ball or any event promoted by Mr.Behrman because of monies owed to players and lack of secure funds of prize money before each of his events.
One of the goals of the Association of Billiards Professionals is to provide a platform where touring professionals can pursue the sport they love as a full time career and achieve reasonable financial success. To that end discussions have been ongoing since last year with representatives of the US Open and representatives of the ABP.
Repeated attempts by the ABP organization to obtain guarantees that the prize money will be in place have been refused and therefore it is with regret that the Association and its members have decided to neither support nor attend the 2011 US Open 9-Ball Championship. Notwithstanding the Association's deep respect for Barry Behrman for his contribution to pool these many years, the players simply cannot commit their time and their expenses for an uncertain payday.
"As a former US Open 9-Ball champion, it's painful to not be able to attend this year, as it is always great to play in it. However, the ABP and its goals are more important than my personal goals, and we need to start taking the necessary steps to pave the way for the future of the game and its up and coming stars."- Rodney Morris, ABP Board of Directors
"It is with sadness that I must withdraw from one of my favourite tournaments ever. In doing so, I hope the sacrifices we are making raises the standard of the elements that our beautiful sport lacks. The ABP's goals are to the benefit of the sport and to restore the confidence of cooperation between players, associations and promoters alike. I stand behind this vision fully. " - Mika Immonen, ABP Board of Directors and Two time US Open 9-Ball Champion.
"The US Open is the greatest and most prestigious event on American soil. I am truly sorry we cannot attend this event. But we have an obligation to protect all players now and in the future. I am hopeful in the future all things will be worked out so all players can participate in all great and safe tournaments." - Johnny Archer, President of the ABP.
Regardless if this is a BCA or WPA Sanctioned event, the following ABP Professional Players will not attend:
     Johnny Archer USA
    Mika Immonen FIN
    Efren Reyes PHI
    Francisco Bustamante PHI
    Darren Appleton ENG
    Shane Van Boening USA
    Rodney Morris USA
    Alex Pagulayan PHI
    Dennis Orcullo PHI
    Thorsten Hohmann GER
    Lee Van Corteza PHI
    John Schmidt USA
    Corey Deuel USA
    Huidji See NED
    Mike Sigel USA
    Nick Varner USA
    Buddy Hall USA
    CJ Wiley USA
    Tony Drago MLT
    Raj Hundal ENG
    Karl Boyes ENG
    Imran Majid ENG
    Marcus Chamat SWE
    Roberto Gomez PHI
    Carlo Biado PHI
    Warren Kiamco PHI
    Antonio Lining PHI
    Jundel Mazon PHI
    Shawn Putnam USA
    Mike Davis USA
    Stevie Moore USA
    Oscar Dominguez USA
    Charlie Williams USA
    Dennis Hatch USA
    Jeremy Jones USA
    Allen Hopkins USA
    Scott Frost USA
    Ernesto Dominguez MEX
    Kim Davenport USA
    Rob Saez USA
    Tony Crosby ENG
    Art Wiggins USA
    Tommy Najar USA

This list will be updated as more pro members join and may choose to not participate.