ABP publishes their Mission Statement

In order to provide the fans and members of the industry with the purpose, goals and objectives of the Association of Billiard Professionals the board of directors of the has released the organization?s mission statement.

Association of Billiard Professionals Mission Statement

ABP?s mission is to continually improve the sport of pocket billiards as measured by the Fans, Tournament Promoters, Sponsors and Players. We will accomplish our goals through a relentless commitment to open and clear two way communications, by constantly searching for opportunities for cooperation and mutually beneficial partnerships and by making fact based decisions using industry input and research. Always, with the good of our sport and it?s constituents being foremost in our thoughts and actions.

To our Fans, our goal is to consistently provide a top quality sporting experience delivered by professional players and promoters. Further, it is our goal to expand the opportunities to follow professional pocket billiards via the internet and television as well as live events. In addition, we will conduct ourselves in a fashion suitable for role models to up and coming players.

To our Tournament Promoters and Sponsors, our goal is to maximize your return on your investment in tournament and event production. We will achieve this by providing the full cooperation of the touring professionals. We will help maximize interest and attendance through advance communication and planning, demonstrating the highest level of professional behavior at all times and providing access to billiard professionals for promotional opportunities.

To our Players, our goal is to provide a platform, similar to other professional sports, where touring professionals can pursue the sport they love as a full time career and achieve reasonable financial success. By doing so we hope to increase the number of billiard professionals, tournament events, and sponsorships thus providing incentive for the growth of our sport. We will achieve this by supporting our Tournament Promoters and Sponsors while providing exciting and engaging performances for the Fans. We will achieve this by cooperation and partnership with all Players and Tournament Promoters so that we may develop a consistently fair, equitable and reliable system of play and rewards.

The ABP website is www.abp-players.com where we will be posting Professional Rankings, Events and other ABP innovations and related news. Currently we are inviting all players, professionals and amateurs alike to visit us and click on the visitors page and share your comments.

Board members include Johnny Archer, Mike Davis, Corey Deuel, Oscar Dominguez, Thorsten Hohmann, Mika Immonen, Stevie Moore, Rodney Morris, Shawn Putnam, John Schmidt, Shane Van Boening and Charlie Williams.