Accu-Stats Announces the “Make It Happen” All Star Invitational

Shane Van Boening

This “Make It Happen” event will invite top finishers of the previous three MIH events. Shane Van Boening won the 1-Pocket Invitational and Thorsten Hohmann won the Straight Pool Invitational.  Alex Pagulayan won the 8-Ball Invitational but is not available so we will be featuring the 2nd place finisher Darren Appleton.  The fourth contestant will be voted on by supporters who, as in the past, purchase a package to “Make It Happen”.  The response to the first three events was exceptional and the All-Star event should cap it off as the best event yet.

The “Make It Happen” All-Star Invitational will take place April 15-20, 2014 in the Aramith/Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey.

For six days, the four superstars will compete in four disciplines: 8-Ball, 1-Pocket, Straight Pool, and 10-Ball.  The format will be single round-robin in all four disciplines for a total of 24 matches over the six day period.  Only the best equipment in the world will be used, a 9-foot Diamond Pro-Am, 860 Simonis Cloth, and Aramith Pro Ball Set.

The six 8-Ball matches will be races to nine.
The six 1-Pocket matches will be races to four.
The six Straight Pool matches will be 150 points. (Runs continue with runs of 50+).
The six 10-Ball matches will be races to eleven.

This fourth event in the “Make It Happen” series will be offering a variety of attractive packages to the public ranging from $100 to $500.  Those who “Make It Happen” will be able to choose from a variety of items:

One vote for 4th contestant
Set of 6 DVDs from any one discipline ($96 value)
Set of 12 DVDs from any two disciplines ($180 value)
Set of 18 DVDs from any three disciplines ($270 value)
Set of 24 DVDs from all four disciplines ($335 value)
Free admission to the live event for you or someone else ($240 value)
Free live Pay-Per-View on the Internet for you or someone else ($90 value)
A commemorative shirt or mug ($20 value)
Credit toward any Accu-Stats product ($50 value)
An original 8”x10” group photo signed by the players (priceless!)
“Shout Outs” on the air
A listing of your name in the closing credits of each DVD
A chance to win $1,000 in our “Knock-Out Challenge”

The event will be streamed live as a Pay-Per-View event and recorded for DVD and TV production.

To find out what each package offers, and for more details, go to or call Pat Fleming at 800-828-0397.