Accu-Stats One Pocket Close Going into Last Day

After the first two days of play in the Accu-Stats "Make it Happen" One Pocket Invitational the top one holers in the land have shown that their skills are truly entertaining and that there is not much room between them.

No one is running away with this. In his first match of the series Efren Reyes mastered Shannon Daulton 3-1 but then in his second round Reyes found Alex Pagulayan to be too hot to handle as he fell before the killer pixie 3-0.

Corey Deuel took out Scott Frost in the first round 3-2 but then fell 3-1 to Shannon Daulton. Shane Van Boening has the best record at two wins and one loss. He took down Pagulayan 3-2 in the first round, then remained undefeated as he slipped past Scott Frost 3-2. But Corey Deuel ruined Van Boening's shiny record when he came from behind to take him down 3-2 on Friday.

The final match of the night was Shannon Daulton VS Scott Frost. Frost needed this one badly to avoid being the tail on the donkey. He had lost two close matches to two great players but that would hardly console him if he went down 3-0.

Daulton smothered him and kept control of the table for three racks to send his own record to 2 -1 while Frost would have to suffer the evening with a doughnut on his record.

This last day will determine the winner. If you would like to see this Master Class of One Pocket for yourself just got to and join in the fun.