Accu-Stats to Feature Tommy Kennedy US Open Win Online

As part of Accu-Stats’ Tuesday Treasures matches on YouTube, they will be featuring the online premiere of the 1992 US Open 9-Ball Championship finals between Tommy Kennedy and Johnny Archer. This was the proverbial “David vs Goliath” match and Tommy put on a display of talent in this match that shocked many railbirds.

Tommy Kennedy is in the hearts of pool fans everywhere as he has been struggling with his health lately. A gofundme account has been setup to help cover his medical costs and can be found online at

In addition to the Archer/Kennedy match, Accu-Stats will also show the 19th Sands Regency Open finals between CJ Wiley and Tony Ellin with commentary from Jimmy Mataya immediately following the Archer/Kennedy match.

The stream starts at 8pm est and the Kennedy/Archer match will be the first match streamed at that time. Fans can watch the stream on the Accu-Stats YouTube page at

Accu-Stats Tuesday Treasures are a great opportunity to see some of these classic matches that BCA Hall of Famer Pat Fleming has in his immense Accu-Stats archive. Fleming is in the chat for each match and is alwaus asking for suggesting for future Tuesday Treasures matches.