ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships A Hit In Iowa

The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) hit a home run by moving its annual Midwest 8-Ball Championships to the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa, January 21-24, 2010.  Over 400 players from throughout the Midwest and from as far away as Colorado and South Carolina trekked to a great casino that offered non-stop action on and off the pool tables!  The $10,000-added championships offered competition in six primary events and two secondary events:  Men's and Women's Master 8-Ball Singles, Men's and Women's Open 8-Ball Singles, Men's and Women's four-person 8-Ball Teams, Scotch Doubles 8-Ball and handicapped 9-Ball Singles.

In the Men's Master 8-Ball Singles, Marseilles, IL native Donald Branson took down Steve Parlow (Davenport, IA) 6-1, Jerrod Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) 6-4, Frank DeCastecker (Moline, IL) 6-3, Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) in the A-side finals 6-3 and Johnson again in the tourney finals 6-0 in route to the title.  

In the Women's Master 8-Ball Singles, multi-time national champion Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) marched undefeated to the title by eclipsing Chris Glass (Eagan, MN) 5-0, Connie O'Heron (Wausau, WI) 5-2, Tina Larsen (Palatine, IL) 5-1, Kelly Birmingham (West Allis, WI) 5-4 in the A-side finals and again over Birmingham by a 5-1 margin in the tourney finals.

In the Men's Open 8-Ball Singles, Terry Stevens (Davenport, IA) outpaced a field of 117 players to take the title over Joshua Mason (Monmouth, IL) 4-0, Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL) 4-1, Ron O'Meara Sr. (Silvis, IL) 4-3, Jim Goldring (Canton, IL) 4-2, Casey Brokus (Dubuque, IA) 4-1, Mike Peiffer (Washington, IA) 4-2, Bruce Ribble (Swisher, IA) 4-2, and transplanted Texan Ryan Robinson (Davenport, IA) in a two-set finals 2-4, 4-2.

In the Women's Open 8-Ball Singles, Janelle Melohn (Nevada, IA), took down the title in a field of 51 players via wins over Simone Huskey (Silvis, IL), Gina Knight (Chicago, IL) 3-2, Lorrie Lanham (Omaha, NE) 3-2, Patti Clancy (East Dubuque, IL) 3-2, Veronica Lyon (Schofield, WI) 3-1, Jessica Rahlf (Muscatine, IA) 3-2 and Belinda Perez (Conesville, IA) 3-1 in the finals.

In the Men's 8-Ball Teams, the team of “Danny O's Thud” (Robert Ball, Sam Ball, Cecil Messer and Mike Strudas) from the GMPA ACS league in northwestern Indiana stormed to the crown of the 66-team division by vanquishing “Thrown Together” (IA) 9-6, “Big Slicks with Sticks” (IA) 9-5, “Table Hoggz” (IA) 9-3, “Sheila's” (IL) 9-8, “Hot Shots” (IA) 9-7, “Reuthers Ruthless” (IA) 9-4 in the A-side finals and “Reuthers Ruthless” again in the first set of the finals 9-6.  

In the Women's 8-Ball Teams, the team of “White Class” (Julie Ann Mitchell, Tina Larsen, Heather Lavin and Gina Knight) from the GMPA ACS league in northwestern Indiana took down the 23-team division by vanquishing “There Is No “I” in Drunk” (IL) 9-6, “Go Figure!” (IL) 9-5, “Team Motorboat” (IA) 9-4, “Which Witch Is Which” (NE) 9-6 in the A-side finals and “There Is No “I” in Drunk” again in a finals requiring two sets 7-9, 9-3.

The team of Connie O'Heron and Jon Kent from Wausau, WI, captured the Scotch Doubles 8-Ball event over a field of twenty-five teams, while Dave Webb of Fort Madison, IA, outpointed a 105-player field in the 9-Ball Singles for the top spot. “The Old Guys” from the Eastern IA/IL ACS league captured the Men's Team 2nd Chance division.

The ACS would like to thank the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort for its support and outstanding hospitality and other sponsors Iowa Sports Center, Diveney Custom Cues, Quality Table Service and Nick Varner Signature Cues and Cases, whose multi-World Champion namesake took on all challengers throughout the event.  Winner photos and full results listings may be viewed at

Final Results:

Men's Master 8-Ball Singles

[9 entries x $75 + $500 added = $1,175]

1st           Donald Branson (Marseilles, IL)        $550

2nd        Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA)           $375

3rd        Scott Hargens (Cedar Rapids, IA)     $250


Women's Master 8-Ball Singles

[10 entries x $75 + $500 added = $1,250]

1st           Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA)      $600

2nd        Kelly Birmingham (West Allis, WI)   $400

3rd        Amy Latzko (Chicago Ridge, IL)      $250


Men's Open 8-Ball Singles

[117 entries x $40 + $500 added = $5,180]

1st        Terry Stevens (Davenport, IA)           $1,000     

2nd          Ryan Robinson (Davenport, IA)        $730

3rd        Bruce Ribble (Swisher, IA)                 $500

4th        Mike Peiffer (Washington, IA)           $300

5-6th     Dennis Shumway (Ottawa, IL)          $225
            Mike Clancy (East Dubuque, IL)

7-8th    Anthony Garcia (East Moline, IL)      $150
            Patrick Bayer (Ottawa, IL)

9-12th  Clayton Shepard (Portage, IN)          $125
            Casey Brokus (Dubuque, IA)
Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL)
            Tim Bringman (North English, IA)

13-16th Dennis Reding (Morris, IL)                $100
            Daniel Messervey (West Allis, WI)
Jim Goldring (Canton, IL)
            Bob Bartlett (Ham Lake, MN)

17-24th Jerry French (Moline, IL)                    $75
            Mark Kozelichki (Cuba, IL)
            John Allen (Godley, IL)
            Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL)
Dalton Reding (Seneca, IL)
            Daniel Patten (Waterloo, IA)
            Orlando Vigil (Pueblo, CO)
Steve Schmitt (Coralville, IA)           

25-32nd Ron O'Meara Sr. (Silvis, IL)              $50
            Ron Crom (West Allis, IL)
            Kirk Bauer (Gardner, IL)
            Bill Roach (Canton, MO)
Chris Manzanares (Pueblo, CO)
            Marty Plumb (Silvis, IL)
            Dustin Roach (Canton, MO)
            Nick Allendorf (Dubuque, IA)


Women's Open 8-Ball Singles

[51 entries x $40 + $500 added = $2,540]

1st        Janelle Melohn (Nevada, IA)              $600

2nd        Belinda Perez (Conesville, IA)           $440

3rd        Jessica Rahlf (Muscatine, IA)             $300

4th        Veronica Lyon (Schofield, WI)          $200                                                   

5-6th    Marcy Brown (Hobart, IN)                 $150
            Heather Lavin (Frankfort, IL)

7-8th     Nancy Beadel (Bettendorf, IA)          $100
            Michelle Read (Godley, IL)

9-12th   Patty Clancy (East Dubuque, IL)       $75
            Kay Ackman (Dubuque, IA)
Donna Whitcomb (Port Byron, IL)
Lorrie Lanham (Omaha, NE)

13-16th Faith Eichman (Dubuque, IA)            $50
            Tricia Slade (Iowa City, IA)
Mary Lynn Breitenbach (Silvis, IL)
Jamie Strezo (Worth, IL)


Scotch Doubles 8-Ball

[25 entries x $30 + $250 added = $1,000]

1st        Connie O'Heron/ Jon Kent (WI)                                          $300

2nd       Mary Lynn Breitenbach (IL)/ Donald Boysen Jr. (IA)           $200

3-4th    Shawna & Brett Elder (IA)                                                   $100
Dawn Spencer/ Tony Sundstrom (IA)                                   

5-8th    Kelly McBride/ Jamey Bowman (IL)                                     $75
Sheree Hill/ Mario Perales Jr. (IA)
Debra Laughlin/ Milton Eichman (IA)
Tara Allison / Mike Guy (IL)


9-Ball Singles

[105 entries x $20 + $200 added = $2,300]

1st        David Webb (Fort Madison, IA)        $400    

2nd        Jim Goldring (Canton, IL)                  $300

3-4th     Cory Smith (Sedalia, MO)                  $200
            Patrick Frazelle (Moline, IL)

5-8th     Donnie Branson (Marseilles, IL)         $120
Joel Hammargren (Waterloo, IA)
Don Boll (Dubuque, IA)
Steve Parlow (Davenport, IA)

9-16th    Scott Boyd  (Pekin, IL)                         $90

Josh Blaylock (Sedalia, MO)
John Gorsch Sr. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Tony Sundstrom (Marion, IA)
Weston Broad (Owatonna, MN)
Anthony Garcia (East Moline, IL)
Tony Zierman (Burnsville, MN)
Toney Bringman (Wellman, IA)


Men's Teams

[66 entries x $80 + $4,000 added = $9,280]

1st        Danny O's Thud (IN)                         $2,000

2nd        Reuthers Ruthless (IA)                       $1,480

3rd        Sheila's (IL)                                        $1,000

4th        Hot Shots (IA)                                    $700

5-6th     Terminators (IL)                                  $500
Clean Slate (MN)

7-8th     Raise the Bet (IN)                               $350
Cocktails Foe Cue Fockers (IA)

9-12th   Silver Dollar Young Guns (IA)            $250
Show Me The Money (MO)
N.S.B.O.A. (IA)
Stumble Inn II (IL)

13-16th Jesse Bowman Brother's Team (IL)   $150
Dizzy Dean's Bar & Grill (IL)
Cue Master Houy (IL)
Table Rats (IA)

17-24th Sneaky Long (IA)                               $100
Strange (IA)
Table Hoggz (IA)
Bait N Buoys (IA)
Big Slicks with Sticks (IA)
Hillbilly Golfers (IA)
Millerburger (IA)
Stumble Inn II (IL)


Women's Teams
[23 entries x $80 + $3,000 added = $4,840]

1st        White Class (IL)                                $1,500
2nd        There Is No “I” In Drunk (IL)           $1,000            
3rd        Which Witch Is Which (NE)              $700
4th        Girls On Top (IL)                              $500
5-6th     All Mixed Up (IA)                            $350
            Team Motorboat (IA)
7-8th     Hey Hey We're The Monkees (IL)   $220
            Stumble Inn Chix (IL)


Men's Teams – 2nd Chance
[7 entries x $40 + $450 added = $730]

1st        The Old Guys (IL)                              $450   
2nd        Quart House Tavern (CO)                  $280