ACS Offers New Instructor Manual Free To ACS Certified Instructors

The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) has produced a new Instructor Manual, authored by ACS-certified Instructors Anthony Beeler and Mark Finkelstein with assistance from the ACS Instructor Committee.  Along with being a valuable training reference, the ACS Instructor Manual is a valuable resource in assisting ACS certified instructors in organizing their coaching outlines and curriculums.  Complete with detailed graphics and explanations, the ACS Instructor Manual is offered at no charge to all ACS Certified Instructors and will be included in any certification renewal package or upon request.
The ACS Instructor Manual is only available to ACS Certified Instructors.  Instructors certified with other programs may join the ACS at the same certification level by which they are currently recognized and become eligible for the Manual.  The ACS Instructor Manual is not for sale to the general public.
Inquiries regarding the ACS Instructor Program may be made via telephone: 920-662-1705/ email: website: