Action in Atlantic City

Rafael Martinez

The players are ploughing their way through the snow to get the Trump Marina in Atlantic City for the Ten Ball Challenge.

Players arriving recently include George San Souci, Corey Deuel, Alex Pagulayan, Larry Nevel, Jose Parica, Charlie Williams, Nick Varner, Danny Hewitt and Dee Adkins.

Since the start of the event has been postponed until Tuesday, there have been mini-tournaments running since Sunday night. Sunday night's mini was won by Ronnie Alcano who defeated Evgeny Stalev in the finals. Alcano won $500 for the victory.

Monday afternoon featured another mini-tournament, this time won by Efren Reyes. Reyes actually trailed Jim Rempe early in the event 6-3 but came back to win 7-6. After Reyes beat San Souci, he faced Keith McCready in the finals and again fell behind 6-3, only to come back and win 7-6. Reyes collected $400 for the win while McCready took $225 for second. San Souci and Pete Fusco tied for third.

There is a third mini-tournament underway as of the time of this writing and the field is down to Francisco Bustamante vs Warren Kiamco with the winner facing Corey Deuel and Rafael Martinez (pictured) vs Nick Varner with the winner facing Teddy Garrahan.

Rafael Martinez will celebrate his birthday on Tuesday along with Scott Smith's new wife Maria who is back home in Colorado. "Happy Birthday Baby. I miss you and love you." is Scott's message to his wife.

We have another batch of pictures added to our online photo gallery and will have more pictures as well as complete brackets on Tuesday when the event kicks off.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe