Action Pool Tour Announces Tour Changes


The points system for The Action Pool Tour is devised to reward participation and performance and will remain unchanged for the 2012-2013 Session.  Players earn points based on participation, how well they perform and the size of the field.  Players earn a specific number of points based on their finish multiplied by the size of the field (see the points system below).  For example, if a player competes in a 60-player main event and finishes 5th-6th, he or she will earn 720 points (60 x 12 = 720).  Likewise, if a player competes in a 20-player 2nd Chance Tournament and finishes 4th, he or she will earn 140 points (20 x 7 = 140).
Main Event
Finish Points
1st 20
2nd 18
3rd 16
4th 14
5th-6th 12
7th-8th 11
9th-12th 10
13th-16th 9
17th-24th 8
25th-32th 7
33rd-48th 6
49th-64th 5
65th-96th 4
97th-128th 3
* Points are multiplied by the number of players

2nd Chance Tournament
Finish Points
1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th-6th 6
7th-8th 5
9th-12th 4
13th-16th 3
17th-24th 2
25th-32th 1
* Points are multiplied by the number of players
Players will continue to accumulate points throughout the 2012-2013 Session in this manner and the rankings will be updated after each event.  There are some great incentives that are tied to the rankings so keep reading below!

#1 APT Ranking – US Open 9-Ball Championship Bonus
The #1-ranked player at the end of the 2012-2013 Session will receive free entry into the 2013 US Open 9-Ball Championship (a $500 value) which is held each October in VA Beach, VA.

APT Top 10 Rankings – The 2013 Lambros Round Robin & 10-Ball Open
The top 10 ranked players at the end of the 2012-2013 Session will be invited to play in The 2013 Lambros Round Robin.  This event is free and everyone will play everyone in a mix of 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball.  Each game won is worth one (1) point and the player who finishes with the most points will win a brand new Lambros Custom Cue valued at approximately $1,800-$2,000!  If there is a tie, whichever player has fewer points scored against him/her will be declared the winner.
Simultaneously, The Action Pool Tour will be conducting an open 10-ball event in which the ten (10) Lambros Round Robin participants will be automatically seeded in the 3rd round!

Top Female Prize
At each tour stop during the 2012-2013 Session, there will be a $100 prize given to the top placing female.  This is an increase from our tradition of awarding $75 for the top female of each event.  Note: If two or more females finish at the same level of the tournament, there will be a playoff to decide the winner.

Lambros Loyal Player Bonus
Unlike other pool tours that only reward performance, The Action Pool Tour believes that participation and tour loyalty should also be rewarded.  Therefore, we are instituting a separate points race based solely on participation that is in no way tied to performance.  Points will be awarded for participating in the Main Events, 2nd Chance Tournaments and for referring new APT players and live stream viewers.  The player that finishes the 2012-2013 Session with the most loyalty points will win a brand new Lambros Custom Cue valued at approximately $1,200-$1,500!  Points will be awarded as follows:

Participate in Main Tournament = 10 pts
Participate in 2nd Chance Tournament = 2 pts
Refer a new APT player (Main Event) = 10 pts
Refer a new APT player (2nd Chance Tournament) = 2 pts
Refer a new live stream viewer = 5 pts

New Player Referral Discount
The new player referral discount will remain unchanged for the 2012-2013 Session.  For each new Action Pool Tour player that you refer, both of you will receive $10 off your entry fees for that event.  For example, if you refer two (2) new players, you will get a $20 discount and they will each get a $10 discount.  Note: players must sign in together.

Progressive Break & Run Contest
The Break & Run Contest will remain unchanged for the 2012-2013 Session except for one minor ticket price adjustment.  In the past, tickets were $1 each...period.  This session, ticket prices will remain $1 each or 25 tickets for $20.  This remains an attractive contest as one of our players earned $2,340 for a great break and run last session!

Live Stream Viewer Bonuses
Viewership of our live stream offers a great opportunity for The Action Pool Tour and its players.  During the 2012-2013 Session, viewers will pay a very small fee to access our live stream (typically $3.95 for Day #1 and $4.95 for Day #2).  To reward and encourage viewership, we will conduct random drawings for our live stream viewers for cash and other prizes that will be announced prior to each event.  Viewers will get added to a drawing for each of the following actions:

Purchase Day #1
Purchase Day #2
Refer a New Viewer for Day #1 or Day #2

For example, if John Doe purchases Day #1 and Day #2 and also refers three (3) new viewers, he will earn five (5) entries in the drawing.  During the final match on Day #2, the random computerized drawing will be conducted on the air and the winner will receive the stated prize.  Players, we encourage you to spread the word about this to your family and friends.


Players Auction (Calcutta)
For the 2012-2013 Session, the male and female players will have separate players’ auctions.  This has been done in the past and has been very successful at encouraging greater female participation in the auction and greater financial rewards for our female players’ efforts.

Mix of Games Played
The previous session featured 10-ball the most; closely followed by 9-ball; and only one 8-ball event.  The 2012-2013 Session will feature a more even mix of these three games.

Rule Change
All APT events have followed the “all ball fouls” rule in which a player would commit a foul for touching any ball with his/her cue, clothing, or body.  The 2012-2013 Session will replace this rule with the “cue ball fouls only” rule.

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