Adamson to Introduce Indianapolis to UPA League of Champions

PHOENIX, AZ (June 4, 2010) - The United States Professional Poolplayers Association's (UPA) League of Champions invades Hamilton County Indiana (Indianapolis area) courtesy of new league operator Jerry Adamson.
Adamson is the latest in a long list of league operators to be a pioneer in his respective area and believes that the league will do nothing short of provide the players with a first-rate opportunity to participate in a competitive and enjoyable pool arena.  He noted that over the past few years he has found that changes needed to be made within the amateur pool leagues and now has the ability to introduce his area to just that - change!  Looking for another league to join, he learned of the newly launched UPA League of Champions and due to the fact that the league was not available to him to participate within, he took it one step further and became an operator.

He further explained that he had felt for some time that the Indianapolis region lacked a venue to showcase the talent in the area and that the UPA's national ranking system provides the players with that very perspective as to where they stand against players across the country by using the SSR system to help evaluate and elevate individual's games.  The desire for change and the support from other UPA League Operators was the push needed to make the league a reality in the area.  The interaction with existing operators showed Adamson the quality people that make up the UPA's league system.

The UPA welcomes Jerry Adamson and Hamilton County Indiana to its league family!

Last but not least, the most recent UPA custom Instroke cue case give away went to lucky winner Willie Thompson.  Willie plays in the UPA's West Valley division under Chuck Webb in Phoenix, Arizona.  The case is a new custom case provided to the UPA by Instroke cases and Frank's Center.  It is an Instroke Southwestern series two by four with a hand tooled and painted UPA logo and Instroke logo that retails for over $455.  Congrats to Willie Thompson, enjoy!

If you would like to learn more about the organization as a whole or are interested in more information about becoming a League Operator, visit us at  To contact us directly with questions, please call (877) 788-7227 or email