Al Laugheed wins 20K Tour event 9

Strokers Billiards held the 20K-9 event in London and 35 players took part, with the Glass City and also the first event of the Showdown being held at Shooters, Toronto it was a good turn out of players.

As usual Gary, Judy and Chad May were excellent hosts and made sure that everyone had a good time.

The games started as usual and finished late Saturday so that some players wouldn't have to drive the next day.

The "Hot Seat" was taken by Gary May (8+) who defeated Al Lougheed (8) by a 9-0 score, sending Al to grind his way back.

Craig Cochrane (8+) defeated Tom McMillan (6+) on a hill-hill match.

Dave Parker (8+) bested Adrian Fragoso (6+) by a score of 9-1.

Dave Parker (8+) defeats Craig Cochrane (8+) by an 8-1 score.

Al Lougheed then took Parker out with a 8-4 score.

Then Al Lougheed faced Gary May and exerted a win over Gary by a 8-4 score. Now all players had lost once and the Finals rematch went to Al Lougheed by a 8-7 score.

Congratulations Al Lougheed, see you next week at Pool Paradise... this promises to be a full house event, see you all there.

Be safe and good

Final pay outs:
1- Al Lougheed $ 900.00 ** Calcutta
2- Gary May $ 650.00 ** Calcutta
3- Dave Parker $ 325.00 ** Calcutta
4- Craig Cochrane $ 170.00 ** Calcutta
5- Adrian Fragoso $ 55.00
6- Tom McMillan $ 55.00

Second chance was won by Ben Rossignoli
1- Ben Rossignoli $ 35.00
2- Donna Sasges $ 20.00