Albin Ouschan wins the first Dynamic Euro-Tour stop in 2012

Albin Ouschan

Saturday, 03 March 2012:  In the final of the Dynamic Bosnia & Herzegovina Open 2012, Albin Ouschan (AUT) defeated Dimitri Jungo (SUI) with 9:3.

It was a perfect beginning for Ouschan. He won the first rack, broke and ran the second and fired the 9-ball over one rail to take a quick 3:0 lead over Jungo. Then the intensity of the match went down a bit and luck became a factor. In the 8th rack, Ouschan was already leading 5:2. He had just pocketed the 9-ball over the 2-ball. Then, a safety battle started when Jungo left a small edge of the 2-ball for Ouschan. The Austrian pocketed the 2-ball and fluked the 9-ball in, gaining a 6:2 lead over Jungo. “Fortunately, I had a bit more luck than Dimitri”, said a modest Albin Ouschan after the final match.

The rest of the match did not see much more from the Swiss contestant. He broke and ran another rack but he was not able to stop Ouschan’s roll. He made a grave mistake in the 10th rack where he missed an easy 7-ball. In order to get his thoughts and his game together, Jungo took a time out after that rack. But it did not help. He came out dry on his own break and Ouschan took it after winning an intensive safety battle. That brought Ouschan on the hill, 8:3. The final rack was also determined by safety play from both players with Ouschan being the winner in the end, taking the match with 9:3.

“It is a hell of a feeling to stand here, being the winner”, said Ouschan, “I only wanted to reach the quarter-finals and I would have been happy.” “I had nothing to lose, I played the final, knowing that I have  already  achieved  more than I had ever expected”.  Ouschan has been nominated to be the Austrian Team captain at this event for the first time. He has developed quite a bit, being more mature these days. “I have done some mental work which helped me at least 50% today. I want to be a role model for the younger players in Austria.” One of the next stops of the Dynamic Euro-Tour will be in Ouschan’s home country, Austria. When asked whether the winner of that tournament will have the name Ouschan, he smiled and said: “Tough question. You get a lot of pressure in your home country. But I will do my best to satisfy the people’s expectations and maybe the winner is called Ouschan and maybe his first name begins with an ‘A’.”