Alcano Wins Blaze Stop 24

Antonio Gabica, Bob Geurra and Ronato Alcano

Rockaway Billiards was the site of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour 24th stop. A strong field came out to play including players like Ronato Alcano, Antonio Gabica, Danny Basavich and Sean Morgan to name a few. Special thanks to Bob Geurra and his wonderful staff.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Ronato Alcano with wins over Jason Michas 7-3, Danny Basavich 7-5 and Joe Pierce 7-2. Leading the bottom half of the board was Antonio Gabica with wins over Carmen Lombardo 7-6, Billy G 7-0 and Bob Geurra 7-0.

Playing for the hot seat was Ronato Alcano vs Antonio Gabica. The match was close early, but Gabica pulled away late in the match and won the hot seat 7-5 sending Alcano to the one lost side.

On the one lost side, Sean "Alaska" Morgan was waiting for Mr. Alcano. This too was a good match, that went back and forth but when it was all said and done Ronato Alcano won the match 7-5.

In the finals it was Ronato Alcano vs Antonio Gabica. This time, things were a little different as Alcano took control of the match from the start and never looked back, winning the match 9-6.

Complete Results:
1st Ronato Alcano $650
2nd Antonio Gabia $400
3rd Sean Alaska Morgan $250
4th Bob Geurra $200