Alec Evreniadis wins Australian Open

Alec Evreniadis has defeated James Delahunty 13-8 in the finals of the IBC 2003 Australian Open 9-Ball Championship.

Evreniadis lost two matches in the round robin opening section of the event, but was perfect when it counted, in the elimination stages. Evreniadis scored a 9-4 win over Shawn Budd, a 9-3 win over Phyl Wilkinson and a 9-4 win over Brent Wells to get to the final match with Delahunty.

The win earns Evreniadis an invitation to the WPA World Tour Finals in November. Brent Wells and Craig Duffy filled out the top four spots.

The ladies division in Australia was won by Lyndall Hulley, who appeared to play better as she got further into the event. Hulley scored a 7-5 victory over Dianna Wilkinson, followed up by a 7-6 win over Linda Lucas. A 9-4 win over Lorna Frost got Hulley to the final match where she defeated Angie Charlton 11-5. Frost and Hazel Cook filled out the top four spots.