All American Tour Kicks Off in High Style

On November 20, 2004, the All American Tour debuted at Leisure Time Billiards in East Moline, IL. Thirty-one amateur players of all skill levels from the area rounded out the field. Players vie for not only prize money but for points. The top 25% point leaders within their region will be eligible to compete in their respective regional championship tournament. The All American Tour is open to any American CueSports Alliance (ACS) league or "Sanctioned Player" (non-league) member. "Sanctioned Player" membership applications are available when you sign up for the tournament and on the ACS web site at To schedule a tour stop in your area, contact Betty Harris at or call 719-380-5400.

Results from the Leisure Time Billiards Tournament
Despite both players recovering from a recent severe automobile accident, Tommy Hernandez and Jesse Bowman still dominated the action. Hernandez, playing for the first day without a cast on his hand, marched his way, undefeated, to the hill match, putting Jesse Bowman on the one-loss side during the third match of the tournament. Hernandez met Rich Bideaux for the "hot seat" and sent him to the one-loss side with a 5-3 victory. Jesse Bowman fought his way through to emerge victorious on the one-loss side with a victory over Bideaux, only to face Hernandez for the top spot. Jesse, ever the competitor, made a valiant effort, but fell one game short as Hernandez claimed first place money and points with a 5-4 victory.

1st - Tommy Hernandez $350
2nd - Jesse Bowman $250
3rd - Rich Bideaux $175
4th - Terry Stevens $125
5/6 - Dave Knight, Michael Bennett $75
7/8 - Michael Henderson, Jerry Behnke $35
9/12 - Don Boll, Dwaine Bowman, Mike Lyght, Shannon Schroeder
13/16 - Jarod Kelly, Sam Miller, Jason Ledford, Shane Johnson
17/24 - Ryan Behnke, John Thorson, Jeff Thomas, Chad Behnke, Nick Uzlac, Anthony Wilson, Tim Krouse, Don Boysen
25/31 - Adam Behnke, Mike Burke, Russ Jett, Bill Nipper, Trent Lamar, Chris Aiardo, Chris Aiardo Jr