Allison Fisher Re-opens Teaching Academy

Allison Fisher and Grady Mathews

After a two year break, The Duchess of Doom has re-started her previously very successful Teaching Academy. The venue for this first Academy session was held at 150 'n' Out Billiards and Darts in Mooresville, NC, and the students who came in from all over the States, certainly had a huge surprise in store for them on their second day.
I will let Allison tell you in her own words, just how the two days played out.
"I am very happy to say that I am back into teaching again. It is something I have been doing for 15 years and I really enjoy it. What I like the most is having an open mind and over the years I have learned many new things to pass on to my students."
"In February 2012, I started up my academy again after a couple of years break. The students arrived on Friday evening where we met at a local restaurant to 'break the ice'. On Saturday we met at 150 'n' Out Billiards and Darts in Mooresville, NC to start the lessons. Day one was focused on the fundamentals and drills. I like to give my students a clear understanding of what they are doing and help them create a routine that is unique to them. That evening we all went to dinner again and had a lovely evening getting to know more about each other."
"On Day two, I had a very special surprise for my students. I invited two of the World's most knowledgeable players to teach two very important disciplines. John Brumback, an all round Derby City Champion came up all the way from Kentucky to give banking lessons. Among the professional players he is considered the best banker in the World. We also had the pleasure of Grady Mathews (the Professor), to teach kicking to my students. After their lessons from Grady and John we got back to all of the other elements involved in the game such as breaking, the use of side spin, the mechanical bridge and jumping."
"In 1998, I did an exhibition tour with Grady and I have many great memories from that time. He is fun to be around and the students realized just how lucky they were to experience what these two great champions had to offer. Thank you to all that attended."
"I intend on holding more academies in the future and if you would like more information please contact me at:"
I must say that having witnessed the proceedings on day two, I can honestly say that Allison is in her element when she is in the teaching mode. She is so professional (we all knew that of course!) and so patient with her students, and I kept thinking that this group of students are picking up wisdom from none other than the Multi World Champion and holder of more Titles than Tiger Woods. Yes, the most famous lady pool player in the world, Allison "The Duchess of Doom" Fisher.
Wow, I wanted to sign up right there at the moment she started the lesson!
I must say to all you players out there that want to move up to the next level in your game, that you have a rare opportunity here to be taught by the best and nicest teacher on the block!!!