Altes Lands Win at Fury Planet 9-Ball

Bradenton's Louis Altes made his way through a 52 player field unscathed at the Fury Amateur event at Planet 9-ball in Tampa, Florida on November 21, 2004. This was a double points event so everyone was playing tough to improve their standings for the upcoming points list payout.

On his way to the final, Altes sent players like 9-12th place Brett Lykens, 5th/6th place Jason Richko and 4th place Rick Rogers to the left side to battle it out for the money rounds.

Meanwhile, last week's tour stop winner, Adam Wheeler, and 2nd place points winner, Bobby Moore were playing for rights to the hot seat match with Altes. At 2-2, Wheeler kicked an off angle 6-9 combo square into the hole and raced past Moore for a 7-2 win.

In the hot seat match between Wheeler and Altes, Altes started with a 3-1 lead until both players put runs together for a score of 6-6. With steady shot making, Altes etched out the final rack for a 7-6 win.

On the B side, Bobby Moore was not leaving so quietly as he put together 5-1 and 5-2 wins over Jason Richko and Rick Rogers. This set the table for Moore to rematch with Wheeler for the right to play Altes in the final. In the semifinal between Moore and Wheeler, after safety battles and shot making tests, Moore brought the match to 4-3 and then broke and ran the set out for a 5-3 win leaving Wheeler in 3rd.

This put Moore into the final against Altes. Both players carry a quick and offensive game, and after burning through the competition all day, they were both wearing down in the late night race-to-nine final. Altes kept his pace steady though, and took an early lead at 2-0. Moore then closed the gap to 2-2. Altes regained lead and took off for an 8-3 lead. Moore took a break to recompose and returned and moved the score line to 8-5, but Altes ran out the set for a 9-5 win pocketing $530 for first.

The tour will return next season for several events at Planet 9-Ball which offers 34 quality maintained tables, great atmosphere, full food and drink menu and a courteous staff.

1st Louis Altes $530
2nd Bobby Moore $285
3rd Adam Wheeler $195
4th Rick Rogers $120
5th/6th Jason Richko, Bruce Choyce $80
7th/8th James Roberts, Jeremy Bell $65
9th/12th Chris Walsh, Dan Lavoie, Brett Lykens, Jim Sandaler $40