Altese & Aquino take first KF Wins

Mike Delawder, Room Owner Ted Lepak and Julio Aquino

Fast Breaks in Orlando, FL was the latest venue to host the KF Cue Tour 2/27/10.

Saturday would see 62 Amateur players show up for a piece of the $2680 pot. Louis Altes would prove why he is considered a high level Amateur player by going through the 62 man field undefeated to take his first KF Title. Altese had to play good as he had to play the best players on tour in every round with wins over Jason Richko 7-4, Wesley White 7-6, Mike Delawder 7-6, Dan Lettau 7-5, Jerry Troy 7-5 to put him in the winner side final to play Travis Moore who had made his way to the finals with wins over Lincoln Seiffert 7-6, Tony O Donnell 7-6, Jesse Bradley 7-5, Brian McBride 7-3 and then Glen Olson 7-4 to put him up against Altese for the hotseat. Altese would manage to squeak this one out to capture the Hotseat with a 7-6 win.

While all this was going on Dustin Morris from Minnesota was a man on a mission after taking a 2nd round loss to Brian McBride 7-2 Morris would plough his way through the one loss side with wins over Josh Lewis 5-1, Dan Dennis 5-1, Mike Delawder 5-4, Joe Scarborough 5-0, Carlos Torres 5-0, Richard Murray 5-2, Jerry Troy 5-3, Glen Olson 6-5 and a win over Travis Moore to put him in the final to play Louis Altese.

With both players playing great pool on the weekend the final would be no different. The final would be a single race to 8 and would go all the way to the last rack with Louis Altese coming out an 8-7 winner to take his first KF win and leave Morris in 2nd in his first event.


1st, Louis Altese $600

2nd, Dustin Morris $400

3rd, Travis Moore $350

4th, Glen Olson $250

5th-6th Dan Lettau, Jerry Troy $150

7th-8th Jesse Bradley, Richard Murray $110

9th-12th Jim Sandaler, Bill Stoll, Carlos Torres, Brian McBride $80

13th-16th Wesley White, Ted Lepak, Chip Dickerson, Joe Scarborough $60 
Sundays $1000 Added open event kicked of with a strong 36 player field.

Julio Aquino who had never won an open event before but was named player of the year on the tours previous season would now add Open winner to his title list.  
Aquino would make his way to the hotseat with wins over Miguel Pabon 7-5, Enzo Mangiapane 7-2, Louis Viera 7-3 and then a 7-6 win over Tommy Kennedy 7-6 to put him in the winner side final. Mike Delawder another player who has been working hard on his game would make his way to the winner side final with wins over  Johnny Lange 7-3, Josh Lewis 7-5, Mike Davis 7-4 and then Louis Altese 7-6 before taking a loss to Julio Aquino for the hotseat 7-4.

On the one loss side tour Director Tony Crosby who had taken a 2nd round loss to Wesley White 7-6 was working his way through the one loss side with wins over Dave Ross 6-5, George Saunders 6-3, Louis Viera 6-0, Justin Hall 6-4, Louis Altes 6-3 and then a hill hill win over Mike Davis 6-5 before running into Mike Delawder who stop his run with a 6-2 win to leave Crosby in 3rd. The final was very exciting with both players looking to record there first win and both players play out of Fast Breaks in Orlando. Aquino would come out of the gates firing taking a 4-0 lead and an 8-3 lead to leave him self one rack from the title in this race to 9. Delawder was not looking to give up easy as he would grind out the next 5 rack which is not easy with the alternate break format to tie the match at 8-8 and set up a one rack decider for the Title. Aquino who had lost the last 5 racks would now have one more chance due to winning the flip, he broke an ran the last rack to take his first KF title and the first place trophy.


1st, Julio Aquino $520

2nd, Mike Delawder $400

3rd, Tony Crosby $300

4th, Mike Davis $220

5th-6th, Louis Altes, Tommy Kennedy $150

7th-8th, Justin Hall, Wesley White $100

The tour would like to thank Fast Breaks and there staff for a great weekend of pool, all our sponsors that can be seen at our next event will be at Stroker 2 in Tampa Florida on March 13th-14th we also had to change the date of the Ultimate Billiards event in April which is now being held on 17th-18th of April due to a conflict with the Seminole Pro tour. Visit for further info.